Philadelphia is the hub of adventure. Surrounded by an abundance of exquisitely diverse and unique locales, there is seemingly no end to the wide variety of revitalizing target trips that are all but a short car ride away from the heart of the city. If sand and sea is your cup of tea, some wonderful ocean suggestions can be found at Top Memorial Day Getaways Near Philadelphia. However, since this region is so rich in remarkable little paradises, here are five more divine destinations that will let you get away from it all.
Bushkill Falls
Bushkill Falls Road
Bushkill, PA 18324

(570) 588-6682

Located high in the gorgeous Pocono Mountains, just a few hours North of City Hall, is the beautiful wonder known as Bushkill Falls. Billed as “The Niagara of Pennsylvania,” this majestic destination offers day trippers an unforgettable commune with nature. For the novice adventurer, there is a short 15-minute trail that takes you directly to the main observation deck so you get the sweet view with only a bit of sweat. There are other trails that are recommended for only the more experienced hiker as they encompass the entirety of the area, covering all eight falls in a trek that can last up to two hours. With numerous activities and amenities such as miniature golf, paddle boats, a maze, fishing, food, and lodging, Bushkill Falls can function as either a blissful romantic getaway or an exhilarating family fun fest.

Strasburg Rail Road
301 Gap Road
Ronks, PA 17572
(866) 725-9666

At only 90 minutes West of Philadelphia, you have absolutely no excuse to miss out on one of the most charming getaway locations in the region. The Strasburg Rail Road will take you back to a time when rails made the world go round. The focal point of your trip might be the steam-powered wonderland, but once you find yourself adrift in the sprawling farmlands of Amish Country Pennsylvania, you’ll become so enchanted by the time-forgotten delights such as buggy rides and the gooey molasses masterpiece known as Shoofly Pie that you’ll never want to leave. The area also offers some of the most unique hotel experiences, as well. How would you like to sleep in a caboose or a replica of a steamboat? If you can’t last the day without the hustle and bustle, fear not because the outlet shops are nearly as expansive as the farmlands.

Delaware Water Gap
1978 River Road
Bushkill, PA 18324
(570) 426-2451

When water gradually cuts through a mountain range, it is called a water gap. Located more than 100 miles north and slightly east of Philadelphia in 67,000 forested mountain acres, is the picturesque Delaware Water Gap. At one point in the history of the area, this estimated 450 million year old marvel was called a scenic “Wonder of the World.” Now, this expansive wilderness recreation destination features more than 100 miles of hiking trails, historic villages, bird watching, rock climbing, boating, fishing, swimming, camping and more. The hikes can be rather challenging, but the view from the top is bucket list worthy.

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The Fox and Hound Bed & Breakfast Of New Hope
246 W. Bridge St.
New Hope, PA 18938
(215) 862-5082

Take an unbelievably short jaunt up I-95 to River Road and in just about 45 minutes you’ll find yourself entering New Hope, Pennsylvania, a wonderfully ornate world where time has stopped. The endlessly absorbing, quaint nuances of the fabulous artisan community are absolutely captivating. Except for a Starbucks and a couple of other intruders, the tiny streets are almost completely void of signs of the modern world. This small town makes Brooklyn and Portland seem like the little brothers who are simply trying way too hard by comparison. One of the best ways to absorb the entire experience of this magical locale is to book a getaway at The Fox and Hound Bed & Breakfast. Live the cultured life of the artistic elite during your stay in this elegant 1840s Victorian style farmhouse.

391 Knoebels Blvd.
Elysburg, PA 17824
(800) 487-4386

No getaway list is complete without offering at least one amusement park. Knoebels is a doozy because it’s America’s largest free-admission amusement park. A throwback to when you could just stroll about a rustic setting with your family, have a picnic, go for a swim, and ride rides to your heart’s content. For the kids there are helicopter rides, boat rides, a Sky Slide, firetruck rides, Pony Carts, and more. Families can enjoy train rides, bumper cars, Tilt-A-Whirl, Tea Cups, Whipper, and other classic favorites. For the boldest fun seeker, the thrill rides at Knoebels are beyond compare. There are rides that drench you, rides that flip you, a haunted house, twirling rides, a wooden coaster that’s consistently ranked one of the best in the nation and the world’s only wooden bobsled roller coaster. All of that is barely scratching the surface.

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