Every child is special, but some need a bit more help than other. Caring for your child with special needs – whether it’s autism, cerebral palsey, ADHD, physical disabilities, or other challenges – can be an exercise in frustration. We’ve assembled a list of some of the best resources in the city of Philadelphia to help you get the help your family needs. – Cecily Kellogg

Health Intervention Program (HIP) for Children with Special Needs

Resources for Children’s Health
South Philadelphia, Center City, and lower North East
(215) 985-2541

This organization helps families build a team to cope with health problems, and that includes nursing care, social workers, a counselor, and parent support.


The Special Kids Network

Throughout Pennsylvania
(800) 986-4550

This is actually a state-wide organization that helps families of kids with special needs. They offer support and information about everything from home health and legal rights to summer camps and therapies.

Philadelphia School District

Dept of Ed Special Education Consult Line
Philadelphia School District
(800) 879-2301

Office of Specialized Services in the School District of Philadelphia
Philadelphia School District
(215) 400- 4170

There are many supportive teams within the school district, but these two resources will help you find your way.

Frankies World Day Care (credit: frankiesworlddaycare.com)


Frankie’s World Day Care

1011 Poplar Street
(215) 763-0151

A daycare that offers excellent programming for children with special needs.

Education Law Center

1315 Walnut Street, 4th Floor
(215) 238-6970

If you have legal questions about education for special needs kids, the excellent team here will help you out.

Cecily Kellogg writes at Uppercasewoman.com and lives just barely outside the city with her husband and her four-year-old daughter Tori.