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Top Margaritas In Philadelphia

May 2, 2013 7:00 AM

(photo credit: tequilasphilly.com)

Ask the average collegian or cocktail connoisseur, and chances are, every one of them will tell you about a bad drinking experience. Whether things went wrong in the mixology or the method, or the frequency of consumption is subject to debate, believe it or not: the most commonly bad booze bender involves (you guessed it, Jimmy Buffett) margaritas. The reason for that is very simple: they’re often mixed on the cheap, with bad fruit and low-end tequila. But in Philly, of all places, there’s an odd brand of redemption on the horizon for those who worship that frozen concoction that helps them hang on…if not waste away. -Kevin Byrne

lolitas Top Margaritas In Philadelphia

(photo credit: lolitabyob.com)

Aptly named for the Nabokov’s notorious temptress, this restaurant recently reopened with a brand-spankin’ new liquor license. While you previously had to pick (or bring) your own poison, there are now seven hand-crafted margs on the menu. We recommend a couple of the blood orange or cucumber-jalapeno ones to start off your fiesta.

madmex1 Top Margaritas In Philadelphia

(photo credit: madmex.com)

You don’t have to be an engineer educated in the Ivy League to know that size does indeed matter in this life. And if you’re one of the thousands of undergrads to have ever gotten a gander at the gargantuan margaritas made at this Mexican hotspot on a nightly basis, you’ll know why … particularly on the following morning, if you happen to overdo it. Headquartered quite close to the University of Pennsylvania campus at 34th and Walnut, college kids of all shapes and sizes belly up this bar for some of the biggest and tastiest of these libations. In most customer cases, one is more than enough. However, there’s nothing written that says you should go there just to get blitzkrieg bopped; the food menu is also excellent, and offers such delicious choices as their Nachos Grande and the Carnitas Burrito (assuming you love some delicious pulled pork). Also, be sure to also check out their wacky website, which stars an acerbic (and ample-chested) animated bartender, who sounds remarkably like Kathy Griffin. If she were a bull.

distrito Top Margaritas In Philadelphia

(Credit: Steve Legato)

The Iron Chef’s West Philly cantina offers a stellar list of tasty margs, including signature styles like the Distrito (Sauza Hornitos Plata with orange and lime and fresh fruit) and the Paloma (Sauza Hornitos Plata with grapefruit soda, lime and salt). Stick around for happy hour, and you’ll find the drinks are strong and the crowd is large. And of course, save room for some of Garces’ awesome cuisine…just limit your drink intake or you might just see it again later.

tequila Top Margaritas In Philadelphia

(photo credit: tequilasphilly.com)

According to a rather bizarre Mexican state law, “true” tequila can only be brewed in the state of Jalisco, and even then, only in a set of limited regions. Whether or not David Suro, the talented owner of Los Catrines (and a Guadalajara native who grew up near Jalisco), is familiar with this law is anyone’s guess. Either way, it doesn’t matter, because not only does his romantic Locust Street hot spot boast a most excellent homemade potion (which we can only assume isn’t brewed on the premises), they serve some of the finest margaritas on the East Coast. The utterly delicious drinks are only accentuated by L.C.’s authentic Mexican cuisine (not Tex-Mex), with is mouth-wateringly spicy and scrumptious.

el vez Top Margaritas In Philadelphia

(photo credit: elvezrestaurant.com)

Like the old saying goes, variety is the spice of life. And that’s exactly what you’ll get at El Vez, which is not only one of the Quaker City’s best high-end Mexican eateries, but home to one of the most astounding array of margaritas and mixers ever made on this side of the border (among its best are the Frozen Blood Red Orange, its namesake El Vez and – if you feel daring – the Pineapple Canella). Of course, if you want to get a more detailed look at what’s so rave-worthy, you can easily access the drinks menu on their website, which is also worth visiting just to hear the funky, eclectic music mix playing in the background.

mex post Top Margaritas In Philadelphia

(photo credit: mexicanpost.com)

When it comes to the quest for consumption of a renowned Mexican drink like the margarita, the very concept of endorsing a chain restaurant might, at first glance, seem questionable (sort of like trying to convince a food critic that The Olive Garden serves all-authentic Italian cuisine). The truth is Mexican Post, for all its accessibility (it has four locations in and around the city – three in Philly and one in Delaware), not only has excellent food, but a dazzling menu of “daisies” that actually rivals the aforementioned El Vez. So, if you happen to be near its HQ on Chestnut and are feeling chesty, try tickling their Sabroso Azul (Cuervo Classico, Blue Curaco, lime juice) or the Fantastico Patron, which is made with Patron Silver tequila, Chambord and raspberry juice.

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