The summer months are quickly approaching and you know what that means. You can finally, if you haven’t already, put away your bulky sweaters and whip out your sandals, skirts and breezy tops. Dressing for the office can be tricky when you want to remain professional but at the same time not swelter away in the summer heat or freeze to death when the office air conditioner seems to always be on full blast. Below, personal fashion stylist Jeanne Rihm offers her advice for dressing for work during these hot summer days.

Jeanne Rihm (Courtesy of Jeanne Rihm)

Jeanne Rihm

Jeanne Rihm started FashionJeanne (pronounced fashion “genie”) in 2009 after many years in the merchandising and fashion business. As a personal stylist, she helps her clients out of their fashion rut and into stylish, well-fitting clothing that’s perfect for their silhouette. Jeanne offers numerous services from accompanying you on a shopping trip to shopping for you to going through your closet, throwing out dated, frumpy clothing and keeping what fits. Jeanne also offers bridal services and, for the busy woman, is even available through Skype. Follow Jeanne on Twitter or like her on Facebook.

Jeanne says, “I know on any given day it can be frustrating dressing for work. Add to that the humid, scorching heat and yikes! Think about what you need in your wardrobe and set a budget. Focus on slowly incorporating two or three pieces over the next few months. It doesn’t have to happen all at once. I hope these fashion tips help you easily transition your wardrobe for the summer months. Remember to keep it simple and vibrant. After all, the summer months lend themselves to a more laid-back atmosphere. As Leonardo da Vinci said, ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.'”

Put Your Panty Hose Away For The Summer

“Shove your panty hose to the back of your drawer for now. I know, I’ve heard it all before, many women can’t give up their hose for many reasons, but humor me for just a minute. If your company does not have a strict dress code policy, consider eliminating them for a few months. Grab your favorite self tanner and go to town. After all, open toe shoes and panty hose do not mix!”

Wear Shells

“Shells are very comfortable and are a good alternative to the traditional blouse. Great for layering, shells can be worn under blazers or cardigans and are less binding because there are no sleeves to deal with. Find pieces that have a soft drape to them and are not too clingy. This sleeveless tee found at Nordstrom is an essential for any woman’s wardrobe.”

Wear Dress Shirts Made Of Natural Fibers

“Men should consider finding dress shirts that are made with natural fibers. Unlike synthetic, the characteristics of natural fiber allow for breathability, temperature regulation and water absorption. Although the cost may be a bit more, it is worth it for the comfort alone during the warmer days.”

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Wear Lighter Colors

“You’ve heard that dark colors attract heat. It’s true – dark objects absorb light energy while white objects reflect light energy, not absorbing heat. With that said, think about wearing lighter colors during the summer. Take light gray or tan suits, seersucker jackets, bright orange or yellow sleeveless dresses for example. There are so many options so enjoy the beauty of summer colors!”

Wear Cropped Trousers

“Cropped trousers for women are big this year and will be a staple for quite a while. These are a fantastic alternative to the full-length trouser. Modern, chic and tasteful, pair them with a shell and blazer. Add a fabulous pair of flats and you are ready for the day. Change your flats to a pump or a wedge and you can easily shift from a day to evening look. J. Crew has many options in both stretch, wool and cotton. Happy shopping!”

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