Spring is always a popular season to start planting your bulbs in your summer gardens. While most flowers need to be planted in the fall, there are still several bulbs that you can plant in the spring for later blooming. You can also plant spring bulbs in large pots, so you can move them around the yard to maximize their sunlight, which will help them grow a little faster. With the right care and the right timing, you can plant bulbs in the spring that will keep your yard blossoming with color all summer long. Here are a few of the stronger bulbs to look at this spring.


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Lilies are one of the best bulbs to plant in the spring because they grow well with their roots in the shade. As they start to bloom, you’ll want to make sure the heads get sunlight, so finding the right location for your bulb is critical. There are tons of bright colors and varieties to choose from, and they can be very hearty, provided they get plenty of care. Lilies are a great way to add a few pops of bright color to any garden because of their spectacular displays of color and big blooms. They can also be planted in pots, on boarders or in rock gardens, so you’ll find a lot of uses for this beautiful plant.


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Looking to add a ton of color to an area of your yard that doesn’t get a lot of sun? Shaded areas are tough to find flowers for, but begonias are the perfect flower for those difficult locations. You can find a massive variety of begonias in every color of the rainbow in all different shapes, and they all thrive in shaded areas. From double begonias to hanging basked begonias that are perfect for patios, decks and even box planters, there is a begonia that will work for nearly any planting scenario. These hearty flowers will do well for even the most beginning gardener, so this is a great place to start.


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Dahlias are one of those stunning flowers that are a little tougher to grow, but make a really strong presentation. They come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and heights, plus they make great cut flowers, so once these bloom you’ll love bringing the fresh cuts inside to decorate your home. Dahlias can also be grown in outdoor containers, or transferred to the ground. Just make sure to treat these as annuals, or dig them up before the ground freezes, or you’ll loose the blooms for the following year.


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Daffodils are one of the most lovely spring flowers, and they tend to be a very hearty flower that blooms year after year. So with the right care, you may be able to plant once, and enjoy the rewards for many years to come. You’ll want to plant these bulbs in a bright location that gets a lot of direct sunlight, and make sure that area drains very well. With the right care, your beautiful daffodils will bloom for years and can hold up well against rain, sun and win. Of course, it’s also wonderful to enjoy the strong fragrance you get with a spring daffodil. There are many different types of this bulb, so you’ll want to speak to the gardening professional near you to determine the best variety for your climate.


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What says spring better than tulips? A few strong bulbs will provide tons of wonderful, bright flowers that will fill your yard. Tulips are also great to add a lot of color to a young garden, as they are inexpensive and fairly easy to grow. You can even plant them in large containers, as long as you are still able to get those containers in plenty of direct sunlight. As those bulbs bloom, you can transfer to the ground, or just enjoy them for the time they are blooming. There are a few varieties that are perennial, just ask your neighborhood professional.

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