Wednesday's Child: JeseniaJesenia loves music and dreams of being a singing star, but says she'd like to work as a child advocate.
Wednesday's Child: QuatrelQuatrel is a young man of many pursuits: he loves music, sports, and cooking, and wants to go into the US military.
Wednesday's Child: DaevonEight-year-old Daevon wants to play in the NBA and be a firefighter in his spare time.
Wednesday's Child: ImaniImani wants to be a veterinarian.
Wednesday's Child: MichaelTwelve-year-old Michael loves super heroes.
Wednesday's Child: RobertSixteen-year-old Robert taught himself how to play three instruments, and says he finds music therapeutic.
Wednesday's Child: TaishynaTaishyna loves painting and drawing, and helping care for younger kids.
Wednesday's Child: Shaleenee19-year-old Shaleenee loves to cook. She even attends culinary school.
Wednesday's Child: Jasmine Jasmine is not shy about her strengths.
Wednesday's Child: Je'Liyah Je'Liyah has a lot of spirit! She's a cheerleader, and she wants to meet professional cheerleaders some day.
Wednesday's Child: MakaylaHer name is Makayla. She's eleven years old. And this budding gymnast will tumble right into your heart.
Wednesday's Child: AnthonyAnthony oozes creativity.
Wednesday's Child: MakaylaMakayla, 11, says she wants to be a singer when she grows up -- or a dancer, a lawyer, or a foot doctor. "I'm in the middle of deciding," she explains.
Wednesday's Child: BennyBenny entertained a small group recently at the KYW Newsradio studios, folding an origami frog.
Wednesday's Child: JohnTen-year-old John loves sports and rap music.