Vice President Biden, Dr. Jill Biden To Speak At Community College Of PhiladelphiaJoe and Jill Biden are appearing in support of the Obama administration's ongoing efforts to make college more affordable.
VP Biden To Introduce Lady Gaga At The OscarsVice President Joe Biden will seek to amplify his message against campus sexual assault.
President Obama Taps VP Biden To Lead Fight Against CancerVice President Joe Biden announced he will visit the University of Pennsylvania this week as part of his mission to cure cancer.
Biden Regrets Decision Not To Run For PresidentVice President Joe Biden says he now regrets bowing out of this year’s race for the White House.
Social Media Buzzing After Biden Announces He Will Not Run For PresidentSocial media had a lot to say about Biden 2016 decision.
Congressman Brady On Biden Decision: 'It'll Help Hillary; She'll Win The Primary'A key local Democrat, who calls Joe Biden a close friend, spoke about his reaction to the Vice President's decision not to run for president.
U.S. Representative Brendan Boyle On Biden Announcement: 'Clearly Something Changed'In light of Vice President Joe Biden announcing he will not be running for president, United States Representative Brendan Boyle says he is surprised.
Vice President Joe Biden Will Not Run For PresidentVice President Joe Biden announced Wednesday afternoon that he will not run for president.
U.S. Representative Brendan Boyle: 'Source Tells Me Biden Is Running' In the latest edition of will he or won't he, U.S. Representative Brendan Boyle has thrown in his two cents on whether or not Joe Biden will run for president.
Political Columnist: Brady Comments A Sign of How Nervous Democrats ArePolitical columnist for The Hill, A.B. Stoddard analyzed the news that Philadelphia Congressman Bob Brady is ready to support a run for the White House by Vice President Joe Biden and the resignation of Speaker of the House, John Boehner.
Mourners Pay Respect To Former Attorney General Beau BidenVice President Joe Biden and his family are welcoming Delaware residents to Legislative Hall to pay their respects to former Attorney General Beau Biden.