Text Pics AppText Pics lets you create art using the letters and symbols on your keyboard.
Date Escape AppDateEscape lets you arrange times to get fake phone calls and texts so you have good reason to excuse yourself if a date is not working out as you had hoped.
Red Stamp AppWant to create a personalized Valentine's Day card? RedStamp lets you create and send both paper and digital cards to friends and loved ones.
Who Keeps The Ring Upon Broken Engagement?In advance of Valentine's Day you want to know - who keeps the ring if the engagement is broken?
Legal Advice For Those Dating WebsitesA class action lawsuit was filed in 2010 against the obviously still popular Match.com, alleging that of the alleged millions of subscribers, over half were inactive, fake, or scammers.
Primroses May Be Perfect For ValentinesNot actually roses at all, primroses are pretty little flowering plants that can be happy inside for now, and planted outside later in a shady spot.
A Valentines Gift For Pets And Pet LoversThis Valentine’s Day, show your love with a gift of love and compassion by helping animals in need in a friend or a loved one’s name.
Valentine's Traditions From Around The WorldWith Valentine's Day coming up, it can be interesting to learn the different Valentine's Day traditions that vary with each country. The day that honors love is celebrated in different ways around the globe.
Getting The Max Out Of Your Mini RosesIf you got a rose plant as a gift, you can make it last for years by planting it outdoors when spring comes.
Limit Your Love Of ChocolateWe know that dark chocolate has been shown to help fight heart disease and it has numerous other advantages, but benefits are limited to a daily portion size no bigger than a Hershey's kiss.
DelArt Exhibit: The Symbolic Language Of PlantsA current exhibit at the Delaware Art Museum, <em>Beyond Words: The Symbolic Language of Plants</em>, includes 60 current botanical works exploring the symbolic meaning of plants in artwork throughout history.