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New Jersey Ranked One Of Worst States To Make A LivingThe research analyzed things like the cost of living, average salary, employment rate and workplace conditions for all 50 states.
In Philadelphia, Number Of Jobs At Highest Level For Month Of March Since 2003City officials also said the unemployment rate declined to 8% in March 2014 from 8.3% in February, according to preliminary data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Pa. Unemployment Rate Lowest Since Nov. 2008 Officials say Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate dropped to 6.4% in January.
Phila. Group Says End of Unemployment Benefits Will Cause Cascading Job LossesThe Philadelphia Unemployment Project says the region will lose tens of thousands of additional jobs due to the expiration of federal unemployment benefits for those already jobless.
Study: Philly Residents Not The Best At Saving MoneyPhilly, you’re good at a lot of things, but according to a new study saving money may not be one of them.
Stigall Show Log 1.13.14Chris continues to cover the aftermath of Chris Christie's bridge scandal and digs into the case of the "Swiss Cheese Pervert" in Mayfair. He also talks to Michael Bronstein and Colin Hanna on the Monday Morning Matchup and James Carville, who will be at the Free Library of Philadelphia tonight.
Holiday Help For Families Affected By Loss Of Unemployment Benefits Without action from Congress, action that isn't expected, Hamilton will join nearly 200,000 people in the Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey who are about to lose special unemployment benefits that will shrink from 63 weeks of coverage to 26.
NJ's Unemployment Rate Experiences Largest Monthly Drop EverPreliminary data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows that unemployment fell .6 percentage points to 7.8 percent in November and that employers added 16,900 jobs.
Jersey Shore Town Among Top American Cities Losing JobsComing in fourth for job loss, the town’s unemployment rate was a whopping 11.1% in October.
In Philadelphia, A Call For Restoration of Extended Federal Jobless Benefits "It's the ol' bang for the buck. You spend a buck on unemployment, by some estimates you get more than $1.70 back," Sen. Bob Casey (D-Pa., right) said.
Hundreds Attend Job Fair As Veterans Battle Unemployment At HomeVeterans come together at Lincoln Financial Field hoping to chart the next step in their lives -- post-military service.
Gov. Corbett Puts An End To "Triple-Dipping"Governor Corbett has signed a bill that will put an end to so-called “triple-dipping” by retired state employees who return to state work and then collect unemployment.