Reviewers Weigh In On The Apple WatchApple Watch has been on the wrists of reviewers for a couple weeks now. So, is the device that starts at $350 and reaches $17,000 a winner?
Philadelphia Joins Boston, Montreal In Hosting Baseball Hack Day This SaturdayKYW tech editor Ian Bush reports baseball fans are invited to geek out on Saturday in Center City.
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Apple Watch Launches In April Apple's new device makes calls, checks email, and lets you use apps. Sounds like an iPhone -- but this touch screen is strapped to your wrist. KYW tech editor Ian Bush reports it comes out late next month.
City: Upgrade Makes Philly 311 Smarter, More SocialJust like your smartphone alerts you when a software upgrade is available, the city is putting out the word that Philly 311 has gotten an overhaul. Officials say customers are getting a smarter, more social service.
One Of The Country's Largest And Best-Known Student Hackathons Takes Place This Weekend In Philadelphia One of the country's best-known hackathons is underway and more than 1,000 of the best student programmers from around the world have gathered on UPenn's campus to learn and create.
App Sends Victims A "Theftie" To Help Catch Smartphone SnatchersA new feature on a popular mobile security app takes a novel approach in the fight against smartphone theft.
FCC To Consider New "Net Neutrality" RulesThe FCC next month will consider a new proposal that opens up an express lane for web companies that pay more.
Google Glass Goes On Sale To The Public Tuesday Google Glass has been off-limits to everyone but contest winners, app developers, and others hand-picked by the company.
Samsung Unveils Galaxy S5: Stresses Longer Battery Life, 16-MP Camera, Water-ResistanceThe biggest cell phone show in the world is going on this week in Barcelona. Apple isn't there, but nearly every other mobile maker is.
Feds Consider Mandating New Cars To Talk To Each OtherIt's technology that could keep you safer behind the wheel, and now the government is proposing to require automakers to include it in new cars and light trucks.