WEATHER BLOG: Play Dusty for MePlay Dusty for Me! Wait, isn’t it Play Misty for Me? Of course it is. But misty is the weather this morning, which makes it perfect to play dusty inside your house.
WEATHER BLOG: Weekend Changes Are Coming!Enjoy the next couple of days. Just don't get too used them, as some changes are a-comin'.
Typical October Weather For Now…Saturday morning a strong cold front will pass through our area, bringing rain and breezy conditions. The rain will begin during the early morning hours of Saturday, through early Saturday afternoon. Most of us will see some sunshine before sunset. Then temperatures begin to drop.
WEATHER BLOG: Too Nice To Stay InsideGet outside! You and the great outdoors will benefit from spending time together.
Mother Nature Gets A MakeoverThis weekend the Old Gal seems to be in party mode or maybe she just wants to see everyone in modest swim suits and immodest Speedos.
Another Beautiful Day On The HorizonAnother beautiful day in store tomorrow, with highs in the low 80's and lots of sunshine, and we should keep the sun for Thursday.
Weather: Clouds Sneak In For The WeekendA good weekend for outdoor activities like yard work, hiking, and golf - just make sure to wear the sunscreen because you can still get burned on a cloudy day!
Weather: Storms Move Out, Sun ReturnsWednesday morning the atmosphere will dry out, sunshine will gradually return and afternoon high temperatures will be comfortable, in the low 80s.
WEATHER BLOG: Moon ShadesDon’t put away those sunglasses at night for the next few nights – we have SuperMoon looking down at us.
WEATHER BLOG: Summer’s First Full DayThe weather is still getting used to being summer, so expect a few clouds as the sun stretches its tiny yellow arms over us.
Hello Summer!Summer arrives tomorrow morning at 6:51am EDT. This is the moment when the sun shines directly on the Tropic of Cancer or the imaginary latitude line 23° 26' north of the Equator.