Nearly Two-Thirds Of Sunscreens On Market Likely Unsafe, Research FindsThe report comes from the Environmental Working Group.
Smoking Weed Can Motivate You To Exercise, Study FindsHealth experts say smoking pot could actually motivate someone to get to the gym.
Skipping Breakfast Tied To Higher Risk Of Heart-Related Death, Study FindsSkipping breakfast was significantly associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular-related death, especially stroke-related death, according to the study.
Ban On Texting While Driving Reduces ER Visits From Car Crashes, Study FindsA new study shows emergency room visits for car crashes fell in states with the ban.
Three Or More Eggs A Day Increase Your Risk Of Heart Disease And Early Death, Study SaysIt's been debated for years: Are eggs good or bad for you?
Broken Bones From Falls On The Rise Among Older Dog Walkers, UPenn Study FindsUniversity of Pennsylvania researchers examined government data on emergency room visits for dog walking injuries in adults aged 65 and older.
Eating Breakfast May Not Help People Lose Weight, Say ResearchersIf you're trying to lose weight, eating breakfast might not be the best idea.
Artificial Intelligence Advancements Threaten Medical History Safety, Privacy, Study FindsResearchers say the problem isn't with the devices, but with how the information the devices capture that can be misused and potentially sold on the open market.
Your Bed Is Much Dirtier Than A Chimpanzee's, Study FindsThe study says humans are much more likely to spend the night rolling around in fecal and skin bacteria than chimpanzees.
Takes Americans 4 Days To Stop Thinking About Work While On Vacation, Survey FindsThe holidays are quickly approaching and many will be on vacation, but according to a new survey it will probably take a couple of days until you fully stop thinking about work.
'Sleep Texting' Is Real, Say Villanova University ResearchersSleep texters apparently send messages that don't make any sense.