Going On Vacation Can Improve Your Health, Say ResearchersIt found that men who did not take vacations were 30 percent more likely to have a heart attack.
Study: Climate Change Could Cause 26,000 More US Suicides By 2050Researchers say the suicide rate of a given place may be linked to the changing of the seasons and its climate.
Children Of Working Moms Better Off Later In Life, Study FindsThey also found that men raised by working mothers are more likely to contribute to household chores and spend more time caring for family members.
Conservatives More Satisfied With Life Than Liberals, Finds StudyResearchers looked at five sets of data that included samples from 16 countries, where participants gave an assessment of their life in general.
Where Does Tri-State Area Rank Among States With Most At-Risk Youth?The study conducted by the personal-finance website lists idleness and social disconnection as the biggest factors in determining their ranking.
Study: Climate Change Could Destroy Internet In 15 YearsA new study suggests that rising sea levels could put an end to the internet as we know it.
Bacon Is Bad For Your Mental Health, Say ResearchersAccording to researchers at Johns Hopkins, people who eat meats cured with nitrates are three times more likely to experience a manic episode.
Where Does Philadelphia Rank Among Best Cities For First-Time Home Buyers?If you are looking to purchase a home for the very first time, you might not need to leave Philadelphia to get a deal on a house.