Learning The Signs Of A StrokeMay is National Stroke Awareness Month and the American Heart Association is working to raise awareness and save lives.
Boy Who Doctors Call A 'Miracle' Thriving After Stroke 3 Years AgoA boy some doctors call a miracle celebrates a milestone.
Country Singer Loretta Lynn Had Stroke, Hospitalized  A publicist for country music legend Loretta Lynn says she has been hospitalized after having a stroke.
Zeoli Show Log 05.23.16Rich discussed the VA Secretary's controversial comments, eating too little salt increasing health problems and long TSA waits. He also discussed Elijah Wood's account of pedophilia in Hollywood, the FDA continuing to push government control and corruption within the Democratic party.
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Changing Your Lifestyle Can Decrease The Likelihood Of You Having A StrokeIt is devastating to suffer a stroke. It can impact the patient and everyone around them.
Can Eating Chocolate Lower The Risk Of Stroke?As if we need another good excuse to eat chocolate, Swedish researchers found that women who ate a moderate amount of dark chocolate on a regular basis, lowered the risk of two types of strokes by 20 percent.
Study: Eating Chocolate Associated With Lower Risk Of Stroke, Heart ProblemsIndulging your chocolate cravings could turn out to be a good thing.
Study: Ongoing Symptoms Of Depression And A Person's Risk Of Stroke Are LinkedWhat scientists found is that “persistently high depressive symptoms were associated with increased stroke risk,” even in those whose symptoms had abated between interviews.
Limp Handshake? Study Claims You Could Be At Increased Risk Of DeathThe next time you visit the doctor, you might want to shake his or her hand.
Blueberries May Fight Belly Fat - And MoreResearch found there is a high level of naturally occurring antioxidants in blueberries. The goal is to fight metabolic syndrome.