Could You Live Without Your Smartphone For One Day This Holiday?
Google Unveils Its Pixel Smartphone, VR HeadsetLooking to drum up consumer excitement, the tech company hosted an event San Francisco on Tuesday to unveil a series of products, including two new phones, a virtual reality headset and the Chromecast Ultra.
Official: It's Smart Phones, Not Coffee, Distracting DriversThe measure made headlines last month when news reports focused on coffee as a possible banned item under the bill.
Study: 'Selfie-Takers' Overestimate Their AttractivenessA team of psychologists studied 198 college students.
Company Says Play-Doh All You Need To Break Into A SmartphoneIf your phone knows your fingerprints, touching the sensor will open sesame.
Comcast Customers Can Live Stream Or Send Videos To The TV Screen With Xfinity ShareXfinity Share allows Comcast users to share important life events such as weddings or birthday from their smart phones to a TV, allowing friends and family to be "there," even when they can't be physically present.
Google Wants To Take The Headache Out Of Using Your Phone Abroad, Reports SayTalk, text, use apps, and browse the web as freely as if you were doing so in this country, without fear of racking up huge bills for going over the limit.
Study: Women And Young Adults More Likely To Use Their Cell Phones While DrivingWhat’s more, the study claims texting while driving actually increased 2 percent from 2011 to 2013.
Smartphones Could Make It Easier To Pay With a Credit Card When Traveling Out Of The CountryPaying with a credit card while traveling outside of the country isn't always a seamless experience, but one company says your smartphone could make it much easier.
Study: The Dirtiest Thing You Touch Each Day Is Probably Not The Toilet SeatGerms are everywhere, but nine everyday things you touch may be dirtier than your toilet seat according to a new study.
App Allows Pet Parents To Video Chat With, Dispense Treats To Pet From Afar Pet-owners anxious about leaving their dog or cat at home alone have a new app to fall back on.