Sleep Critical To Teens Mental HealthSleep deprivation has been shown to have damaging effects in all age groups. But, sleep plays perhaps the greatest role during the teen years.
Sleep Deprivation Increases AnxietyThere are many things that can trigger feelings of anxiety but one of the most recently studied areas has been sleep - or lack of it.
Local Sleep Consultant Offers Advice To New Parents Struggling To Get Necessary RestLong gone are those eight hour stretches, and one local mom is determined to help others avoid the common pitfalls that prevent parents and babies from getting the necessary rest.
Prosecutors: Cruise Worker Groped Sleeping WomanFederal prosecutors in New Jersey say a cruise ship worker responsible for restocking guest room minibars groped a sleeping passenger.
Sleep Deprivation Tied To Cancer RiskSleeping less than 7 hours per night has been associated with an increased risk of cancer, even among those who are physically active.
The Sleep Walking DeadThe sound of an alarm clock is probably one of the worst sounds in the world. Seriously, there’s not much worse than being pulled out of a sound slumber, well except for maybe finding out that your girlfriend is cheating on you with your brother (ouch, sorry pal).
Sleep Apnea Poses Danger On The RoadPeople with untreated sleep apnea may be less alert behind the wheel - risking thousands of lives.
Woman Found Sleeping On Homeowner's Sofa In Stone Harbor, Faces Criminal Trespass ChargeStone Harbor Police say at about 7 a.m., a homeowner on the unit block of 90th Street found a woman sleeping on his sofa.
Morning AppThe Morning app wakes you up and instantly lets you know what the weather will be like that day, what your calendar looks like and more.
Windy AppThe Windy app uses 3D audio technology to trick your mind and think that wind is blowing back and forth overhead, lulling you to sleep.
Children With Sleep Disorders May Lose More Than A Few WinksWhen children have difficulty sleeping it can lead to daytime sleeping, irritability, learning difficulties and behavioral problems.