Voter ID Costs To PA Less Than You ThinkPennsylvania's roll in the voter ID law has a multi-million dollar price tag, but most of the money will not come from state coffers.
PA Department Of State Set To Launch New Voter ID SoonThe Pennsylvania Department of State's new voter ID will be available at PennDOT driver licensing centers beginning Monday.
US Dept. of Justice Evaluating Legality of Pennsylvania Voter ID LawThe US Department of Justice says it is reviewing whether Pennsylvania’s new voter photo ID law is in compliance with the federal Voting Rights Act.
Report: Many Pa. Voters Don't Have Proper Photo IDThe Pennsylvania Department of State reported earlier this year that 99-percent of registered voters have a PennDOT-issued photo ID, but figures released on Tuesday tell a different story.
Philadelphia Officials Dicker With Pa. For List of Voters Needing ID CardsPhiladelphia election officials, anxious to make sure voters have photo ID, are waiting impatiently for data from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
Most College IDs Don't Comply With Pennsylvania's New Voter ID LawUnder the new law, student IDs are acceptable if they contain the students name, the name of the institution, the student's photo and an expiration date. Since most Pennsylvania college IDs don't comply, students who want to vote in the Commonwealth are left with a choice.
Pennsylvania's New Voter ID Card Law - What You Need To KnowPennsylvania's new voter ID law requires that, beginning in November of this year, all voters present a photo ID every time they vote. But you need to plan ahead.