Social Media Notwithstanding, Papal Announcement Will Follow TraditionThe cardinals of the Catholic Church will enter the conclave on Tuesday, following a morning mass in St. Peter’s Basilica.
As Many Flock To Rome, Philadelphia International Is Quite The HubA group of Latin language students from McCallum High School in Austin, Texas, flew into Philadelphia Saturday to make a connecting flight to Rome with their teacher and chaperones.
Philadelphia Archbishop Says Church Needs Good Manager, Pastor In New PopePhiladelphia's Archbishop will not be attending the conclave in Rome, because he hasn't been elevated to the post of cardinal just yet.
Theologian: Next Pope Needs To Do More Listening Than SpeakingFather Frank Berna, director of graduate theology and ministry at LaSalle University, says the new pope has to take the pulse of the people, not just those who are loyal to the church, but those who have fallen away.
Ahead Of Conclave, Cardinals Consider Modern Challenges Facing Next PopeVatican watchers and even some of the cardinals themselves say the two biggest issues facing the new pope are abuse and administration.
Pope Benedict XVI Says Goodbye To The VaticanPope Benedict XVI left Vatican City for the last time Thursday and became the became the first pope in about 600 years to retire.
Cardinal Justin Rigali Meets With Benedict XVI On His Final Day As Pope"He was first of all a great teacher. He was a great preacher of the word of God. He was a great pastor of the people," Rigali said.
Pontiff's Final Tweet? Vatican Watchers Attempt To Divine The TwitterversePope Benedict XVI has sent what could possibly be the last tweet of his papacy.
Archbishop Chaput Says Philadelphia Already Marshaling For 2015 Families ConferenceIt's an event that is projected to draw tens of thousands of Catholics from around the world for the six-day event.
Local Catholics Say They Want To See Change With A New PopeSome worshipers are confident the new Pope will have a large role in reversing the trend of the declining number of American Catholics and shrinking enrollment at Catholic schools.
Stigall Show Log 2.12.13Chris previews President Obama's State of the Union Address, Vice President Joe Biden's visit to Philadelphia to discuss gun violence, and analyzes the state of healthcare costs. He talks to Maureen Ferguson from the Catholic Association about Pope Benedict's decision to step down.