Nature's GardenSome of the best things in my garden I didn't plant but I'm glad mother Nature has a green thumb!
Treating Allergy SymptomsNot only are there medications available by prescription that can help control allergy symptoms, there are also many effective over the counter remedies.
Health: Attack Your AllergiesOur unusually warm, sunny weather has trees and shrubs blooming big time. Beauty brings misery to millions.
Wind-Swept Pollen Causing Early AllergiesBlame tall trees for early Spring allergies.
Thus Far, Pollen Levels Not As Bad As Last YearDr. Maria Lania, director of Allergy and Immunology at Cooper University Hospital, says allergy season is underway and there's already a lot of sneezing and itchy eyes.
Researchers Question The Origin Of AllergiesAn article in the journal <em>Nature</em> on the origin of allergic responses challenges conventional views that allergy is due to our immune response going out of control.
Trees May Make You SneezeTo carry on the wind, some tree pollen is particularly dry and light, so it blows easily through open windows, onto your car, your clothes and up your nose -- and may make you sneeze.
Canine And Feline AllergiesIf you notice your dog or cat is itching and scratching more than usual, there could be one or more allergies present, contact your veterinarian for help and relief as soon as possible.
Health: Fall Allergy Season In Full Swing Across Delaware Valley, Higher Than Usual Pollen CountsMold and ragweed are causing problems for allergy sufferers in the Delaware Valley. Health Reporter Stephanie Stahl is On Your Side with the latest counts.
Spare the GoldenrodDon't blame goldenrod for your allergies, it's the ragweed.