Health: Real Life Drama For Local Man; Amazing Pictures Captured By ER DoctorsHospital emergency departments see all kinds of crazy stuff. 3 On Your Side Health Reporter Stephanie Stahl has one case that was especially delicate and risky. It's a picture you've got to see to believe.
Tidy AppOrganizing your digital photos can be a nightmare. Tidy makes the job easier.
Study: Your Dog Probably Recognizes Your Face -- Even In PhotosResearchers say the canines studied studied the faces of familiar humans for longer than unfamiliar ones.
CoolirisCooliris helps organize your photos, letting you share them and browse through them in an attractive, logical way.
National Geographic Holds Photo Contest If you're into photography, and not just selfies or pictures of your food, National Geographic has a contest that could be very valuable, maybe priceless.
EyeEm AppIf you're looking for something a little different than Instagram, EyeEm might be worth a look.
Incredibooth AppThe Incredibooth app takes a series of photos, displaying them in a strip, much like the photo booths that you'll find at malls.
'Big Nude' Photo Shoot Happening In Philadelphia--And You're Invited To ParticipateOn Monday, Sept. 17th, photographer RA Friedman will be setting up shop at The Rotunda for “The Big Nude Pinhole Shoot.”
Voicepic AppRather than just writing a caption, the voicepic app lets you add written – and audio - captions to pictures, giving them an added layer of complexity and fun. is a website that will turn your boring and standard desktop wallpaper into something personal and cool.
Police: Chester School Employee Asked Teen For Nude PicsPolice have charged a member of a Pennsylvania charter school’s behavioral staff with asking an underage student to send him nude pictures of herself.