Universal Pre-K Takes Hit In Mayor's Five Year PlanPhiladelphia Mayor Jim Kenney made a heartfelt plea for raising real estate taxes to pay for schools on Thursday, but his budget proposal also scaled back another major educational initiative.
Kenney Expected To Push For Property Tax Hike In Proposed BudgetThe entire increase would go to fund the School District of Philadelphia, which is projecting a $900 million deficit in the next five years.
Nominating Panel Sends Mayor List Of Potential School Board MembersA nominating panel has sent Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney the names of 27 potential school board members.
Business Leaders, City Officials Debate Ways To Reform Philadelphia's Tax StructureHow to make Philadelphia more business-friendly: That was the topic of hearings in city council last week.
Broad Street Ministry Announces Partnership To Provide Medical Care To HomelessThe Broad Street Ministry provides many services to Philadelphia's homeless population.
New City Council Bill Could Impede Bike Lane BarriersThe Philadelphia City Council will consider a bill that would make it harder to add protected bike lanes to city streets.
Philadelphia's City Solicitor Sozi Tulante Announces Resignation"Whenever you resign from this position, people think you want to be something else," he said. "I have no political aspirations."
Philadelphians Could Be Paying More For Cabs, Shared Rides: 'It Is About Public Safety'The proposal would need state legislature approval.
Philly's Office Of The Controller Opens Phone Line For Reporting Sexual Harassment InternallyPhiladelphia government employees who feel they've been sexually harassed are being asked to confide their experiences to the Office of the Controller.
Philadelphia Kicks Off Ambitious, Citywide Workforce Development EffortThe strategy is to work with employers to create career paths for people to get the skills needed for the jobs available.
Mayor's Labor Liaison Resigns, Eyeing Congressional RacePhiladelphia Mayor Jim Kenney's labor liaison has resigned and is expected to join the crowded race to replace long-time Congressman Bob Brady.
Authority Over School Board Causing Conflict In City HallPhiladelphia's City Council President is on a collision course with Mayor Jim Kenney, over the tenure of the soon-to-be impaneled School Board.
Philadelphia City Council Committee Gives Green Light To 'Good Cause' EvictionsSupporters of the bill packed the council chamber and cheered when it was approved.
Sessions At Union League: 'Federal Laws Are Supreme'The Alabama-bred Sessions, himself, joked about getting the award.
Reforms In Philadelphia's Child Welfare System Get City Council ScrutinyA recent city council hearing revealed ongoing problems in Philadelphia's child welfare system.