Cut The Rope: Time TravelCut the Rope is one of the few apps that can stand alongside Angry Birds in terms of popularity. Now, a true sequel is finally available.
Lazors AppToo many games today hold players hands for much too long. Lazors is different, though.
Clay Jam AppClaymation seems an odd fit for the app world, but Clay Jam is a quirky, fun, and adorable game that will make you rethink those perceptions.
Bloons TD 5 AppIt's hard to find true originality in the tower defense genre these days and, while Bloons 5 doesn't quite reach that point, it does manage to stand out from the crowd a bit.
Curiosity AppThere are plenty of multiplayer games online, but nothing like Curiosity.
Zombie Gunship AppInstead of fighting on the ground, the Zombie Gunship app has you overhead - in a C-130 - helping civilians escape to a cave as the undead chase them.
Tank HeroSometimes, the best iOS games are the basic ones – titles that ignore flashy graphics for one good hook. Add Tank Hero to that list.
Steam MobileValve Software, the team behind the Steam digital distribution service, has put out an app, letting you communicate with your friends list and keep up with the latest gaming news.
Tiny Tower AppThe winner of Apple's gaming app of the year, Tiny Tower, a simulation game, is a charming city builder that puts you in charge of a growing skyscraper.
Teen Internet 'Addicts' Show AbnormalityA new study finds teenagers who are seemingly addicted to the Internet may have abnormal white matter.
Modern Combat 3: Fallen NationModern Warfare is the hottest series in the gaming world right now, but it's not a game you can play on your mobile device. Gameloft, though, offers a pretty good alternative.