Sitting At A Desk Increases Risk For ObesityThe more time men spend sitting at a desk, the greater the risk of being overweight or obese.
Obesity Health Risks Comparable To SmokingWe know that cigarettes are bad for us and can increase disease and death especially when compared to non-smokers. But what about obesity - just how risky is it?
Some Ovarian Cancer Associated With ObesityThere is new research that suggests for the first time that some cases of ovarian cancer are associated with obesity.
Sleep Deprivation May Increase Risk For ObesityNew research shows that if you don’t get the sleep you need, your risk for obesity goes up.
Teen Fitness May Correlate With Adult Heart HealthThe exercise you do as an adolescent may actually reduce your heart attack risk in the future, unless you become obese.
Most Kids Don't Get Enough ExerciseAfter a study of young teens, the CDC found that only 25% of kids get enough exercise: 60 minutes of physical activity every single day.
US Paying The Price For ObesityThe estimated annual cost of obesity is $147 billion but the price on our overall health is even greater.
Fast Food Restaurants Add Healthier OptionsI don’t know if you have noticed but there is a new battle going on at fast food restaurants. It is a desire to make them healthier with their food choices.
Weighing In On Airlines Weighing PassengersSamoan Air announced plans last month to add an XL class for its larger customers to provide larger seats. Which means the airline is going to start weighing passengers.
Americans Must Change Their Diet And Exercise HabitsWe are a nation on the run, but unfortunately not a nation that runs or even walks much. We are on the run in our cars to a large extent and we don’t often exercise or eat right.
Desk Jobs Increase Risk Of ObesityIf you sit behind a desk six hours a day, you have almost doubled the risk of obesity when you compare it to someone who spends only 45 minutes a day behind a desk.