Study Sheds Light On 'Sleep Drunkenness'You’ve heard of sleep apnea and sleepwalking, but what about “sleep drunkenness”?
Emotions Influence HealthDepression, stress, anxiety, and other emotional states really do affect your cardiovascular health.
Simple, Do-At-Home Test Could Save Your LifeA new, simple test that can be done at home might help save the lives of people with irregular heartbeats.
Singing May Make You SmarterLearning to sing promotes structural changes in the brain that help you learn and think quicker on your feet.
Addiction May Be Neurological DisorderResearchers believe that chronic alcoholics may drink, in part, to alleviate a deficit in serotonin.
Bilingual Stimulation Good For The BrainAn Italian study found babies who grow up in a bilingual home may enjoy greater mental flexibility before they even learn to talk.
Addiction Researchers Zero In On Amino Acids In The BrainIf there’s a way we can attack addictions, try to understand them and deal with them, so much the better. Researchers say Amino acids in the brain may be key.
Distractions Hinder MemoryStudy finds that the fewer irrelevant items you keep in mind, the more capacity you have for remembering important things.
Study Of Monkey Brain Is RevealingAlmost all of the neurons in one area of a monkey's brain - called the face patch - responded at least twice as strongly to faces, as they did to other objects.
Reading A Novel May Be Good For Your BrainIs reading a good book one of your greatest pleasures? New research suggests that reading novels is more than entertainment; it seems to be good for the brain.
Oxygen Levels May Influence Recovery From Spinal Cord InjuryIn a recent study of people with spinal cord injuries, researchers found that patients exposed to low oxygen performed better than those with normal oxygen levels.
High Blood Pressure May Forewarn Of Alzheimer'sResearch has shown that high blood pressure in middle age may be associated with later Alzheimer’s dementia.
Psychiatric Lyme DiseaseWhen people talk about Lyme disease they talk about issues like arthritis, but Lyme can do far more damage in other areas - including the brain.
Autism May Enhance Math SkillsAccording to researchers at Stanford, people with autism may have improved math skills.
Questioning The Value Of Animal StudiesMany important studies in scientific research have been performed on animals but researchers at Stanford are now questioning the value of some of them.