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Serviceberry May Serve As The Perfect Little TreeHere’s such a nice little tree you can plant in almost any sized spot; plus it gives you berries to eat (if you get to them before the birds) and pretty fall color from the leaves.
Early-Blooming Magnolias Often Take A Turn For The WorseEarly blooming magnolias are so pretty - until Mother Nature turns a cold shoulder, leaving them a mucky droopy disappointment.
White Fringe Is Gold Medal TreeOur native White Fringe tree has just been awarded a 2014 Gold Medal by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society which means it will thrive despite our winters.
Native Shrubs Are A Pleasure Year RoundNative plants tend to shrug off snow and ice because they already know how to live around here so they're not bothered by our weather extremes.
Fabulous Franklinia In The FallThere are few enough trees that flower in late summer, so when a tree is still blooming this far into fall, it's worth mentioning. My Franklinia tree has been blooming since August.
Sourwood Tree Will Burst For the 4thThis is a good time of year to think about what I call 'Patriotic Plants,' those that are native to America and our area, like Oxydendrum arboreum, or Sourwood tree.
Every Reason To Choose Native PlantsNative plants are such a smart choice, particularly if you're a lazy gardener like me, because natives already know how to grow around here so they really are carefree.
Plant Sale And Gardening Book GiveawayThere's a plant sale coming up on Saturday May 4th at the Ambler Arboretum of Temple University and, if you've got any gardening books you no longer use...

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