Job Openings Matches Number Of Unemployed For First Time In DecadesAccording to a new report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employers were advertising openings for 6.55 million positions in March. The May 8 release adds that 6.59 million Americans were unemployed at that time
You May Be Owed $1,200 From Dish Network Telemarketing Call SettlementThe jury awarded $400 for each of the 51,000 calls made in violation of the Do Not Call Registry. Not only that, a judge later determined Dish “willfully and knowingly violated” the law and tripled the damages to $1,200 per call.
WATCH: $600,000 Flies Over Highway After Brinks Truck Door OpensDrivers on an Indiana highway got an unexpected payday after the back door of a Brinks truck opened, sending hundreds of thousands of dollars flying into the air.
Disney Hiring Thousands Of Workers, Offering Bonuses Up To $3,000Disney World is opening up their theme parks and their wallet, in a search for thousands of summer workers this year.
Millennials Pile Up Debt To Keep Up With Their Friends, Survey FindsThe fear of missing out, or FOMO, is reportedly driving many millennials into serious debt.
42 Percent Of Americans At Risk Of Retiring Broke, Survey FindsAccording to personal finance website, 42 percent of Americans polled said they have less than $10,000 saved for their eventual retirement.
Bank Of America Plans To Stop Lending To Makers Of Assault WeaponsBank of America says it plans to stop lending money to gunmakers who produce military-style firearms for civilians.
Report: 19% Of Americans Would Give Up Sex For A Year To Get Rid Of DebtIf you had to prioritize your life, what comes first-- your wallet or your waistline?
More Money Can Mean Scrooge-Like Pride, Study SaysJust in time for Christmas, new research shines a light on the resilience of those with less.
Bitcoin Surges Above $14,000 For The First TimeThe value of cyber-currency Bitcoin has broken two record highs in less than 24 hours.
Millennials Have An Obsession For Saving Money, Study RevealsNot only are millennials putting money away, many don't even want a credit card.