The McRib Is Back For Limited Time And Available Through Uber EatsIt's the return of a cult classic. 
McDonald's Expands Breakfast Menu For First Time In Over DecadeThe company says they're "tripling down on the meat!"
McDonald's Sued After Teen Customer Allegedly Badly Burned Spilling Hot Water On LapThe suit filed last week seeks nearly $1.6 million for an incident that allegedly occurred last summer at one of the fast-food chain's restaurants in Madras, Oregon. 
Viral McDonald's Pranksters Rewarded With Big CheckA couple of college students are getting paid $25,000 each after pulling off an epic prank at a local McDonald's.
McDonald’s Changed Its Apple Pie Recipe And Some Customers Aren’t HappyThe new pies have a lattice-topped crust instead of the crimped original, contain sliced “100% American-grown apples” instead of diced, and are topped with only sprinkled sugar – the cinnamon has been moved inside the fillin
'Parasite Outbreak' Linked To McDonald's SaladsOfficials from the FDA say 24 folks have gone to the hospital from this parasite outbreak.
McDonald's Giving Away McGold Card Where One Lucky Person Gets Free Food For LifeNow, one person will have the chance to be "I'm lovin' it" for life with two free meals per week for 50 years.
How To Get Free McDonald's Fries Every Friday This YearYou need to first download the McDonald's app and register to be able to get the free offer.
Delaware Man Accused Of Using Chemical Spray During Fight At McDonald'sPolice say an investigation revealed that 62-year-old Stephen Mikulcik, of Newark, got into an altercation with a woman at the fast-food restaurant.
McDonald's Announces Switch To Paper Straws To Combat Plastic PollutionThe changeover to paper straws is expected to be complete next year.
McDonald's Turns Arches Upside Down In Celebration Of Women's DayMcDonald's is celebrating International Women's Day with a big, gleaming, W.