Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf Wants To See State Start Process To Legalize Adult-Use Of Marijuana In 2021Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf wants to see the commonwealth begin the process to legalize adult-use of marijuana in 2021.
New Jersey Lawmakers Considering Bill To Decriminalize Marijuana In StateThe proposed bill would allow possession up to six ounces and the distribution of one ounce of marijuana. 
Medical Society Of New Jersey Opposes State Legalizing Recreational MarijuanaAdvocates say it addresses social injustice issues and helps the economy, however.
New Jersey Legal Marijuana Advocates Beats Rivals In FundraisingNew Jersey would become the 12th state, along with the District of Columbia, to legalize recreational marijuana, if the question succeeds.
Voters From New Jersey, 3 Other States Could Stroke US Marijuana Market, Sway CongressRecreational marijuana is on the ballot in four states this year, including New Jersey.
Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf Urges Legislators To Legalize Adult-Use Of MarijuanaPennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf is urging legislators to legalize the adult-use of marijuana.
Pennsylvania Appeals Court: Marijuana Smell Alone Can’t Form Basis For Vehicle SearchThe appeals court sent the case back to Lehigh County Court for review.
Study: Don't Trust Your Memory If You're High On MarijuanaA new study published Monday found people who took just one hit of weed doubled their number of "false memories" in a virtual reality scenario compared to those who puffed on a placebo, said study author Johannes Ramaekers, a professor of psychopharmacology at Maastricht University in The Netherlands.
New Jersey Lawmakers Pass Referendum On Legalizing Recreational Marijuana For 2020 BallotThe question asks voters if they'll approve recreational cannabis for people 21 and older.
New Jersey Lawmakers Considering Referendum To Legalize MarijuanaDemocrat-led Assembly and Senate committees set hearings on the proposed referendum.
New Jersey Lawmakers Planning Marijuana Question For 2020 BallotIf the proposal to amend the state constitution is approved in 2020, New Jersey would join the District of Columbia and 11 other states that have legalized recreational pot.