Fellowship Program Invests Millions In Humanities And Social SciencesThe Andrew Carnegie Fellowship program will award more than $6 million in fellowships for those studying the humanities and social sciences.
Fewer High School Students Aspire To Become TeachersYoung people's interest in the teaching profession continues to drop.
A Focus On Fall Prevention During Older Americans MonthThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released data on the seriousness of this issue and of new tools to reduce falls in older adults.
Mighty Writers Opens Bilingual CenterPhiladelphia's Mighty Writers mentoring program has expanded to encourage bilingual students to become biliterate as well.
Students Setback By Parents In PrisonIncarceration can be more traumatic for a student than even a parent's death.
Mentors Improve Commitment Of Low-Income Students At Community CollegeConnect2Complete provides low-income students in remedial classes at community colleges peer mentors who have been through the program themselves.
Volunteers Needed For Philadelphia's Reading OlympicsAdult volunteers needed to moderate the annual Philadelphia Reading Olympics.
Rhodes Scholarship Program Expands To ChinaThe Rhodes Scholarship program is expanding to include students in China, but there are some concerns.
Fathers' Depression Effects Toddlers' BehaviorA new study finds the young children of fathers who were depressed in their first year were more likely to show negative behaviors.
Study Of Urban Charter Schools Holds PromiseA new study finds that, in 41 major regions, charter schools are outperforming their district counterparts in reading and math.
Grounds For Making Challenging Coursework Available To All High SchoolersBecause education is controlled by the states, access to advanced placement, AP, and other challenging courses is restricted in many districts.
You Can Participate In National Poetry MonthSince 1996, April has been considered National Poetry Month, when schools, libraries and poets nationally celebrate the important place poetry plays in our culture.
More Talkative Dads Benefit Children's LiteracyResearch indicates that more talkative dads are a benefit to their children - beyond just language heard from mothers.
Elite Colleges Find New Ways To Welcome First-GensIn the country's most prestigious colleges, first-gens - often from low-income homes - are speaking up about their unique needs and administrators are listening.
Where You Go Is Not Who You'll BeThe fixation on getting into the most selective colleges has grown over the past 20 years but it doesn't necessarily dictate a student's future.