Pennsylvania Leads Country With Highest Number Of Lyme Disease CasesLyme disease cases are up drastically in Pennsylvania, which now leads the country with the highest number of cases has new warning from doctors.
New Jersey Lyme Disease Cases Reach Highest Level In Almost 20 YearsThere were more than 5,000 cases of lyme disease reported in New Jersey in 2017.
Tick-Borne Diseases Rising, Here's How To Prevent InfectionThe CDC says that if a tick is found attached to you early enough, there is still time to avoid infection.
'Tick Explosion' May Be Coming This Summer, Expert WarnsThe director of the University of Rhode Island's tick-borne disease center warns that the U.S. is moving into the prime season for disease-carrying insects
Lone Star Tick Bite Causes Uncommon Side EffectAt the height of the summer tick season, it's not just Lyme disease that's a potential risk.
Researchers: New Drug Could Prevent Lyme DiseaseResearch shows Lyme PReP can provide immediate protection.
Keep Your Pets Safe From Ticks This Summer, Expert Explains HowOne expert explains what preventive measures you can take to protect your pet.
Early Information Shows Pennsylvania Leading Nation In Lyme Disease CasesThe Centers for Disease Control released preliminary figures this past week, which showed more than 12,000 cases of tick-borne lyme disease in the Keystone State.
May Is Lyme Disease Awareness MonthAs the weather warms up – and hopefully dries out – we’ll all spend more time outdoors, that has medical officials turning their attention to raise awareness of Lyme Disease.
Health: Researchers Find More Ticks, More Lyme DiseaseLyme disease is spreading, according to the latest report from the Pennsylvania Health Department. And new research from the University of Pennsylvania shows the ticks that cause it are spreading, too.
Pennsylvania Leads The Country In The Number Of Lyme Disease CasesBob lives in a wooded area of Delaware County and knows all too well about the threat of Lyme disease.