Philadelphia CEO Says Degrees Show A Long Term Commitment“The HR people like to see a degree because it shows that the applicant can set and achieve a long range goal,” says Christopher Porter.
Philadelphia Jobs Report: Need For Translators, Interpreters On The RiseJill Schlesinger reports.
Philadelphia Jobs Report: Growth In Jobs With Non-Profit Organizations Expected To ContinueJill Scheslinger reports.
Continuing Education Is Beneficial At Many Levels“Even for veteran teachers, taking advantage of continuing education opportunities is a great way to re-energize and refresh your praxis,” says Lisa Shechtman.
Philadelphia Lawyer Finds His True Passion In Technology“I was fortunate enough to receive degrees in computer science, law and rabbinic ordination, and both the knowledge and rigorous logical analysis gained during those pursuits are something I use every day,” says CEO Jonathan Frankel.
Philadelphia Job Market Report: Market Research Analysts Are In DemandJill Schlesinger reports.
Philadelphia Jobs Report: Demand For Web Developers Grows As Consumers Shift To OnlineJill Schlesinger reports.
Healthcare Administrator Encourages Others To Find Professional Mentors“Align yourself with superiors who have your best interest at heart—that they are focused on your development and not on their status,” says Dr. Marilyn Benoit.
A Healthy Environment Is Beneficial Says Philadelphia CEO“It is so important to create a healthy environment for team members so that they can reach their full potential at work. Employers and managers need to nurture employees and offer as many health and wellness benefits as they possibly can,” says Kelly Maack.
Diverse Experience Is Necessary For Philadelphia Real Estate Agents“In today’s market it is important that we hire agents who will work at this career full time. The business is getting more and more complicated, and in order to make a great living at this profession, agents need to be experienced in all types of real estate transactions,” says John Zeigler.
Philadelphia Jobs Report: Holiday Ads Mean Advertising Managers Are In DemandJill Schlesinger reports.