Renewed Call For Mandatory Minimums For Illegal Firearm Possession In PhiladelphiaProsecutors, police and lawmakers renewed their call for legislation that mandates hard time in jail for carrying illegal guns.
Pa. Lawmaker Wants Better Protections For Civic Groups Hit With Nuisance LawsuitsA three-hour public hearing was held in center city Philadelphia on a Pennsylvania state senator's plan to limit lawsuits aimed at silencing neighborhood civic groups.
Broad Regional Support For Stricter Philadelphia Gun Law"I want people to know all across Philadelphia: you carry, you do two," said Philadelphia district attorney Seth Williams.
Pa. Lawmaker Presses For Public Input In Selection of 2nd Phila. Casino Site"We are in a different position than we were back in 2006," says Pennsylvania state senator Larry Farnese.
Pennsylvania Senate Approves Tougher Penalties For Straw PurchasesGovernor Corbett is expected to sign a bill on the way to his desk that will create tougher penalties for people who illegally buy guns for criminals.
Stigall Show Log 3.22.12Chris talks to John Cicala of the Fraternal Order of Transit Police about the SEPTA Police Strike, Pennsylvania State Senator Larry Farnese about his proposed legislation in response to the Republican Ultrasound bill and to Buzz Bissinger about the Penalties handed out to the New Orleans Saints for trying to knock players out of games.
Larry Farnese Co-Sponsoring Campaign Finance Reform BillState Senator Larry Farnese brought some colleges to town yesterday to discuss a bill he's co-sponsoring on campaign finance reform.
Community Leaders Speak Out Against Gun Violence In Point Breeze, Grays FerryA number of community leaders spoke at a press conference Friday afternoon to respond to the gun violence that has plagued the Point Breeze and Grays Ferry section of the city since mid-September.
Casey Anthony Case Prompts Legislative Proposals In Pennsylvania SenateThe first of what are likely to be numerous bills resulting from the sensational Florida murder case that ended this week is already being worked up in the Pennsylvania Senate.
Stigall Show Log 3.29.11Chris and CBS News Consultant Mike Lyons react to President Obama's speech on Libya. He talks to Gladybell Almonte about her store being pressured not to sell candy to kids and State Senator Larry Farnese about people snorting bath salts to get high.