How To Get Your Teen To The Doctor I can tell you without any reservations that some of the hardest patients to get into the office are teenagers.
New Research May Detect Alzheimer's Risk Before It HappensWe are learning more about Alzheimer’s and one thing that researchers have found is that cognitive decline in Alzheimer disease may take place 12 years, before the onset of clinical impairment, and 17 years before a diagnosis of dementia.
Study Links Personality Traits To Medical Conditions Can our personalities have an impact on the development of medical conditions? According to research out of Scotland this may be the case.
Several Milestones Made In Battle Against HIVWe have made many advances in the battle against HIV.
Study: More Consistent Follow Up After Elderly Patients Leave HospitalThere was a time when physicians would discharge an elderly patient from the hospital with some written directions and an appointment for another visit, but over the years we have learned that important concerns like activities of daily living can be improved by more consistent follow up after discharge.
New Study On Weight LossIt is called the carrot and the stick. Are people more likely to do things because they are receiving money for doing it or are they more likely to do what is necessary because there might be a penalty for not doing it.
ColonoscopiesThey have been proven time and time again to detect colon cancer in its earliest stages.
Premature BabiesThere is no doubt that over the past years there have been tremendous advances in the treatment of premature children. We also now have the chance to look at how well these premature babies do throughout childhood and into adulthood.
New Study Relies On Memory For Proper Dieting It is a major problem when studies are being done about diet and nutrition. No matter what steps are taken, the reliance on memory is crucial in determining what, and how much, food or drink subjects have consumed.
New Study On Ozone Exposure There is no doubt that we can see the impact of pollution, but it is probably most evident when you are on the highway on a cloudy day.
Group Says Teens Should Be Screened For Major Depressive Disorders Teenagers are a high risk group for depression, and in many cases the problems are missed or even ignored and this can lead to suffering and even death.
Pregnancy And SmokingWe know that smoking is unhealthy for us, and it is a particular risk during pregnancy where it can impact the unborn baby.
Dementia Cases In The U.S Continue To DeclineThe incidence of dementia in the U.S. has fallen over the last three decades.
The Stethoscope
Arthritis ResearchOver the past few decades there has been a tremendous amount of work and research designed to understand the causes of rheumatoid arthritis and other forms of this potentially crippling condition.