In Philadelphia, A Call For Restoration of Extended Federal Jobless Benefits "It's the ol' bang for the buck. You spend a buck on unemployment, by some estimates you get more than $1.70 back," Sen. Bob Casey (D-Pa., right) said.
Momentum Builds in Pennsylvania For Higher Minimum WageUS Sen. Bob Casey says the lot of 700,000 Pennsylvania workers would be improved by an increase in the minimum wage.
Advocates For Jobless Demand Extension of Federal BenefitsDecember 28th is the date that the federal unemployment compensation program, started during the peak of the recession, is set to expire.
Federal Regulators Back Off 20%-Down Mortgage RequirementBankers and affordable-housing advocates are happy that homeowners will not have to put down 20 percent in order to get a qualified mortgage.
John and Evelyn Dodds, Helping the Unemployed While Caring for a NewbornJohn and Evelyn Dodds run the Philadelphia Unemployment Project, and three months ago took on a new role: temporary guardians to a newborn baby girl.
Marchers Urge Corbett To Accept Federal Funds to Expand MedicaidAbout 100 protesters marched from Philadelphia City Hall to Corbett's regional office at Broad and Walnut Streets, demanding that he agree to expand Medicaid to cover an additional 700,000 uninsured Pennsylvanians.
Philadelphia Unemployment Rate Lagging Behind National Recovery"The recession started over five years ago, and we still are not anywhere near recovered," says John Dodds, executive director of the Philadelphia Unemployment Project.
Unemployed Will Get Socked by Federal Sequester, Phila. Jobless Advocate WarnsBenefits to the long-term unemployed will be cut by 9.4 percent, beginning next week.
In Bipartisan Compromise, Congress Revamps Unemployment BenefitsMillions of Americans will continue to receive long-term unemployment benefits under legislation approved Friday in Congress, but the scope of the program is being scaled back to cover fewer people by the end of the year.
Area Expert Says Joblessness Is Swelling Nation's Poverty RollsThe US Census Bureau reports that in 2010, more than 46 million people were living in poverty -- an increase of 3 million in just one year, and a 27-year high.
Philly Anti-Jobless Group Gives Holiday Gifts to Affected KidsOn Wednesday, children of unemployed parents who otherwise wouldn't have presents for the holidays received gifts from the Philadelphia Unemployement Project.