Survey: More Americans Using Credit Cards Over CashAt one time, credit cards were something people only used for large purchases but not anymore. Plastic is becoming increasingly popular, even for inexpensive purchases.
The Best Way To Spend Your Tax RefundAre you expecting to get a tax refund this year? If you are planning on spending the money, there are some ways to get more bang for your buck.
How To Avoid Costly Mistakes When Filing Tax ReturnsWith two weeks to go before the filing deadline, it's crunch time for taxpayers who haven't yet completed -- or started -- a tax return. That last-minute sprint to the finish can sometimes lead to costly mistakes.
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Brick-And-Mortar Stores Embracing Technology In Hopes Of Attracting CustomersAs online shopping continues to grow in popularity, traditional stores are losing sales -- That's why some stores are turning to technology in hopes of attracting customers.
How The Federal Reserve Raise In Key Interest Rate Can Affect YouThe Federal Reserve recently raised its key interest rate by a quarter of a percentage point and more hikes may come this year.
Organization Calling For Effort To Reduce Accidents Due To Drowsy DrivingOne in five fatal crashes involve drowsy driving, according to AAA. Now, a government organization wants to see changes to help reduce those accidents.
March Madness Can Be Good In The WorkplaceMarch Madness has worked its way into many offices throughout the country, and employees seem to enjoy it.
Rise In Number Of Children Visiting ER, Says StudyStrollers, carriers and other baby products have become safer over the years, yet researchers are seeing a rise in the number of kids going to the emergency room with injuries.
Blog: Philly Jury Finds Two Men Guilty In 'Grandparent Scam'The case began following a complaint from the victim, who was scammed after receiving a call indicating his grandson needed bail money for a drunken driving arrest.
Are You Getting Enough Sleep? Survey Says, Probably Not.As we spring forward this weekend, many of us will lose an hour of sleep. But feeling a little sleep deprived is nothing new for many people.
Impostor Scams: What They Are And How To Avoid ThemIt's called an impostor scam, when someone impersonates trustworthy people like police officers or government officials.
Better Business Bureau Releases Report On Riskiest ScamsA new report from the Better Business Bureau finds the riskiest scams are often very low-tech.
New Technology At Airports Could Speed Up TSA Checkpoint LinesDealing with long security lines at airport checkpoints can be a nuisance when traveling, but they could become a thing of the past.
Company Develops Product That Extends Life Of Fruits, VegetablesCould brown bananas be a thing of the past?