Health Officials Say Low Levels Of Radiation Detected On East CoastMassachusetts health officials say they have detected low levels of radiation in rain water samples, likely from the Japanese nuclear power plant. They also say similar levels have been found along the east coast, even here in Pennsylvania. What does it mean?
Delaware Collecting Donations For Japan Sister-State Ravaged By Quake, TsunamiOne of the most devastated areas of Japan will get rebuilding help from the State of Delaware. The "First State" is reaching out to its Japanese sister state.
Stigall Show Log 3.18.11Chris discussed the President's reaction to Japan and Libya, why and extreme exposure to radiation may be good for you and reviewed his NCAA Tournament bracket. Steve Cordasco was in studio for Finance Friday. Have a great weekend.
Salvation Army Philadelphia Branch Taking Donations For Earthquake VictimsThose who want to help can donate online, by phone, or by mail.
Stigall Show Log 3.15.11Chris talks to accused priest, Father James Brennan and his attorney, Richard DiSipio. He also gets an update from Japan with Steve Futtermand and discusses the latest from Wisconsin, liberals rejecting green efforts and net neutrality.
Merion Station Mother Restless As Son Tries To Escape JapanThe good news is her son is alive, but trying to bring him home to the US is a significant challenge.
Japan Nuclear Fears And The Effect On The U.S. The dramatic rescue effort continues and the tragedy in Japan will have a direct affect on our power sources in the United States.
Pictures Of Destruction, Why We Look And How They Affect UsWe've been overwhelmed with images of unimaginable destruction for the three days since the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. A Penn professor studied how such pictures affect us.