Presence AppPresence lets you use older iDevices as free WiFi video cameras, letting you stream real-time audio and video from your home or set up motion detection alerts.
DASH App Makes It Easier For A Surgeon At Jefferson A local physician has found a unique use for his iPod during surgery.
Apple Enthusiasts Camp Out For The New iPadThe new iPad goes on sale today and the usual line of eager Apple devotees were lined up outside the Center City store, early this morning.
Apple Unveils 'New iPad' With Sharper ScreenApple's new iPad revealed on Wednesday has, as expected, a sharper screen, driven by a faster processing chip that acts as the "brains" of the device -- but no new name.
Study: Dangerous Incidents Rise For Those Wearing Headphones While WalkingYou see them everywhere; people using iPods or mp3 players, one type or another, and wearing headphones for the handheld device. However, there is now disturbing news from The British Medical Journal.
Move-In Day At Temple University: Now It's A High-Tech EventClothing and linens are "must haves" on moving-in day, but today's tech savvy freshmen also bring along their electronics.
Smartphone Apps for Parents and their StudentsEvery student needs help with school sometimes, and these apps might just be the answer.
Apple TVWhile so much attention is focused on the next generations of the iPhone or iPad, apple TV is emerging as a viable platform.
Hasbro My3dHasbro has come out with My3d, which re-creates 3d visuals on your iPhone or iPod touch.
Suspects Sought In Attack, Robbery In Philadelphia Fast Food RestaurantPhiladelphia police are searching for four suspects who attacked and robbed a man inside a fast food restaurant earlier this month.
Earbuds Can Cause Hearing LossHearing experts are putting out the warning, that too much earbud use could lead to a loss of hearing.