Cyclist Who Reportedly Suffered Heart Attack On Schuylkill Trail Now Searching For Person Who Helped Save HimThe incident reportedly happened on May 31st around 10 a.m. near the Miquon train station. At least one bystander saw the man fall from his bike and performed CPR while calling 911.
Learn To Communicate With Your DoctorNot all symptoms are as obvious as crushing chest pain with a heart attack. Listen to your body and speak to your doctor.
Area Residents Can Learn How To Keep Their Hearts Healthy In NE PhiladelphiaCardiologist Dr. Thomas Metkus says it's essential for people to understand what may be happening to them so they know what not to ignore.
Testosterone Therapy Not Without RisksNew research has raised concerns about the risk for heart attacks and strokes in some men who take testosterone.
High Blood Pressure In Teens May Indicate Trouble Down The RoadNew research finds that elevated blood pressure in the late teens helps predict the chances of heart disease later on.
Teen Fitness May Correlate With Adult Heart HealthThe exercise you do as an adolescent may actually reduce your heart attack risk in the future, unless you become obese.
Winter Weather Leads To Increase In Emergency Room VisitsBitter cold, snow and ice mean an increase in car crashes, falls, back injuries and occasionally heart attack from shoveling.
Stress Increases Risk Of Heart AttackStress is not necessarily a bad thing but how you respond to stress may be as bad for your heart as smoking.
Taking Steps Towards Better HealthA new report finds that adding an extra 2,000 steps to your day may lower your risk for heart attack and stroke by 8%.
The Emergency First Aid And Treatment Guide AppThe Emergency First Aid and Treatment Guide app has easy to follow instructions on what to do for dozens of emergencies, ranging from burns and bites to CPR.
Women Still Not Heeding Heart Attack WarningsDespite numerous studies stating the contrary, there are still many women who think it is next to impossible for them to suffer a heart attack.
Temple Researchers Find Early Success In Method To Prevent Future Damage After Heart AttackPatients who suffer heart damage from a heart attack can have problems such as heart failure years later. Researchers want to prevent that outcome.
The Fastest Way To A Healthier HeartRisk factors for heart disease include high cholesterol and family history but cigarette smoking is the major lifestyle intervention that can damage the heart.
Curt Schilling Admits To Having A Heart AttackCurt Schilling was honored last week by the Phillies and inducted into the team's Wall Of Fame. As it turns out, he was lucky to be anywhere at all last week.
Obesity Increases Health Risks Every YearEach year that a person is obese increases their risk of developing coronary artery disease - often a silent killer.