'You Have More Fun': Growing Number Of People Taking Part In Sober RevolutionIt's a trend that sprouted from "dry January" when people stop drinking for a month after the holiday season.
CDC: Winter Flu Season Off To Earliest Start In More Than 15 YearsNew numbers released Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show the flu is spreading fast.
Study Finds Spike In Cellphone-Linked Face InjuriesAdd facial cuts, bruises and fractures to the risks from cellphones and carelessly using them.
Study: Dog Owners Have Lower Risk Of Having Recurrent Cardiovascular EventsThere's more health benefits about having a dog.
Study: 76% Of Americans Suffer From 'Sunday Scaries'People get depressed about the prospect of going back to work on Monday.
Medical Breakthrough: Researchers Say Vaccine Given To Cats Could Help Allergic People From ReactingSwiss researchers say they've developed a vaccine given to cats that could stop allergies in people.
CDC Report: 48,000 People Die Each Year From Antibiotic Resistance InfectionsEighteen germs in total are listed in the new report which finds antibiotic resistance leads to more than 3 million infections and 48,000 deaths each year.
New App Allowing Doctors To Communicate More Easily With Patients' Families During SurgeryAn app called Ease allows doctors and nurses to provide live updates from the operating room to anyone the patient chooses.
Experts: Halloween Costumes Reflect Hidden Aspects Of Your PersonalityAccording to Psychology Today, costumes are a way to explore someone you aren't or reflect a part of your personality that isn't obvious.
Cardiologists, Oncologists Working Together To Reverse Disturbing Trend Among Breast Cancer SurvivorsDoctors say cancer treatments can be tailored to some degree to help reduce the risk of damaging the heart.
Doctors Expect Flu Season To Ramp Up Fast, Urge Everyone To Get Vaccinatedbut doctors expect it to ramp up fast.
Study: Over 50% Of School-Age Children In US Not Getting Nearly Enough SleepThe study was presented at the American Academy of Pediatrics national conference.
Study: Millions Of Americans Putting Coworkers At Risk By Going To Work SickNew research says 90% of employees admit they've gone to work with cold or flu symptoms.
More Research Links Being Physically Active To Being Happier, More OptimisticWhatever has you feeling blue, a simple fix could simply be to get moving.
Leading Medical Groups Calling For 16-Year-Old Immunization Visits In Attempt To Get More Teens VaccinatedData shows only 44% of kids complete the meningitis vaccine by their 18th birthday.