'It Could Quite Possibly Prevent Cancer': Researchers Testing New Cancer Vaccine For Dogs That Could Help HumansA dog cancer vaccine is being tested that could help both animals and people.
Women See Increase In Work Commitments At Expense Of Sleep, New Government Report SaysThe report says growing work commitments for women come at the expense of time spent sleeping and exercising.
'Puppy Dog Eyes' Evolutionary Trick Dogs Use To Get What They Want, Study FindsIt's been difficult for scientists to explain how dogs are able to emotionally communicate, and sometimes manipulate, their owners.
'Real Game Changer For A Lot Of Patients': New High-Tech Option For People Who Suffer From Severe AllergiesMost depend on medications, but they don't always work, and now scientists have come up with a high-tech option.
Plan B Morning-After Pill Flying Off Shelves As States Move To Tighten Abortion LawsThey say they're having trouble keeping the over-the-counter medication in stock.
Rate Of New Jersey Preteens Attempting Suicide By Overdosing On Drugs Increasing, Report FindsThe majority of cases involved 12-year-olds, but some of the children were as young as 9.
Laundry Detergent Pods Continue To Poison Children And Adults At Alarming Rate, Experts SayEight deaths were associated with ingestion of the packets. -- two in children under 1 year old and six in adults with a history of dementia.
National Meningitis Association Launches '16 Vaccine' Campaign To Remind Families That Teens Need Second Booster ShotThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says more than half of teenagers have not received the recommended dose of the vaccine that prevents meningitis.
‘Baby Loss Is So Often Unacknowledged’: Miscarriages More Common Than Many Would ThinkDoctors say between 10% to 20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage.
FDA Approves $2 Million Treatment For Genetic Disease That Causes Infants' Muscles To Waste AwayThe gene therapy, called Zolgensma, will be marketed by AveXis, whose parent company is Novartis.
'Everyone Has Something': 9-Year-Old Author Spreads Words Of Encouragement At St. Christopher's HospitalAbby Ferraro had words of encouragement for sick children from someone who knows what they’re going through.