Study: Cocoa May Contain Potential Benefits For Health Condition That Causes Debilitating Leg PainDoctors say more research is needed before chocolate is prescribed for peripheral artery disease.
How Doctors Are Freezing Away Pain To Make Knee Replacement Surgery Easier Without OpioidsIovera, a cold therapy before surgery, is being used by a growing number of orthopedic surgeons.
'I Went Into Heart Failure': Young Philadelphia Doctor Ended Up Needing Transplant After Ignoring Persistent CoughDr. Alin Gragossian is being recognized during American Heart Month.
App Helping To Detect Eye Disease By Scanning Photos On Smart Phone To Identify Unusual Glares In EyeThe app scans photos on your smart phone and can identify unusual glares in the eye that could be a sign of 27 different conditions.
Study: People Who Suffer From Cluster Headaches Miss Twice As Much Work As Those Who Don'tThe headaches are excruciating and can last for weeks at a time.
'Causes Tens Of Thousands Of Deaths': Philadelphia Doctor Says People Should Be More Worried About Flu Than CoronavirusMillions are impacted as a deadly virus that started in China is spreading mainly in Asian countries, but there is one confirmed coronavirus case in the United States and airports around the country are screening passengers.
Report: Nearly 16 Million Pounds Of Meat, Poultry Recalled In 2019 For Containing Metal Or PlasticThe U.S. Public Interest Research Group announced a few key points of their findings.
With Exercise Atop New Year's Resolutions, One Specialized Class Becoming More PopularAt Stride Spin and Fitness, treadmill classes are offering more intense aerobic workouts.
Trump Administration Bans Flavored E-Cigarettes In Compromise That's Angered Public Health GroupsWhile flavored e-cigarettes will be banned, menthol and tobacco-flavors will be allowed to remain on the market.
'Something Extra Special': Several Families Around Philadelphia Region Ring In New Year With New BabiesDozens of babies were born overnight on the first day of January 2020.
'Teaching Themselves Gratitude': Studies Find Children Who 'Count Their Blessings' Reap Important BenefitsDoctors say this holiday season should also include lessons on gratitude.