NJ Road Funding Gets Push, But No Green Light From ChristieNew Jersey lawmakers are vowing to move ahead with legislation establishing a 10-year, $20 billion fund for road and bridge work that includes a 23-cent fuel tax hike in exchange for other tax cuts, but Gov. Chris Christie is not on board yet.
Atlantic City Rescue Plan Approved! Bankruptcy Averted!New Jersey Governor Chris Christie wasted little time, approving a two bill package that saves Atlantic City from potential bankruptcy.
Bill That Would Raise New Jersey's Minimum Wage To $15 An Hour AdvancesThe New Jersey Legislature took the first step Monday toward hiking the state's minimum wage to $15 an hour.
Escalating War Of Words Over Atlantic City's Future As Resort Town Teeters On Brink Of BankruptcyThe stalemate over a rescue plan for Atlantic City continues, with nothing but a war of words between New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and the state Assembly Speaker.
Gov. Chris Christie Approves Making 'Upskirting' A CrimeThe measure was previously passed by lawmakers.
Legislative Showdown Looms Over Financial Future Of Atlantic CityAtlantic City runs out of money to run its government in a matter of days. Whether that actually happens depends, in large part, on a vote scheduled for Thursday in the New Jersey Assembly.
Christie To NJ Drivers: Changes Coming At The MVCGovernor Chris Christie has ordered some major changes at the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.
Christie Poll Numbers Are Down AgainAnother New Jersey poll shows Governor Chris Christie's popularity among voters taking a hit.
Governor Christie To South Jersey Biz: Looking Good, But....New Jersey Governor Chris Christie addressed the South Jersey Chamber of Commerce in Cherry Hill on Wednesday, touting the achievements of his administration while issuing warnings on a number of fronts.
Governor Christie's Wife's Reaction To Trump Comment On Clinton Goes ViralMary Pat Christie reportedly made an eye roll that lit up Twitter.
Christie Reaches Compromise On Food Stamp Waiver RequirementNew Jersey Governor Chris Christie says he has reached a compromise over work requirements for food aid.
New Jersey Billboards Ask Gov. Christie To Denounce TrumpThe text asks Christie to "stand up to racism and bigotry."
Backers Of Christie's Takeover Bill Offer New Approach To AC CrisisNew Jersey legislators backing Governor Chris Christie's proposed takeover of Atlantic City are taking a new approach to addressing a problem presented by the state Assembly Speaker.
NJ Unions Rally For AC WorkersMore than 300 union members from throughout New Jersey held a march and rally to support municipal workers in Atlantic City who fear their contracts will be torn apart if Governor Chris Christie is successful in taking over most of the city's operations.
Report: Most School Districts In New Jersey Go Untested For LeadFears are growing in New Jersey over how much lead is in school water.