A Thoroughly Modern Take On Volvo TraditionsThe Volvo XC90 winning the 2016 North American Truck of the Year honors was the crowning achievement of company’s transformation.
New Half-Million Dollar Lamborghini Recalls The Glory DaysThe cocktail party at Philadelphia area’s most exclusive car dealership served champagne and a lavish food spread.
Car Companies Are Getting Into The Real Estate GameTwo super high-end residential projects in Miami Florida include partners Porsche and Aston Martin.
Germany Calls For An End To Gas-Powered Engine Cars In 13 Years!Late last year the German Bundesrat, roughly the equivalent of the American Senate, passed legislation banning the production of internal combustion engine vehicles by 2030.
Jaguar Races To The Top Tier of Luxury SUVsFor a car company with a legendary racing and royal coach making pedigree – that has over its 72 years survived a few harrowing slick spots – the introduction this year of the new F-PACE compact luxury SUV signals a new era for the vaunted Jaguar brand.
The Already Impressive Mazda3 Just Got Better!The Mazda3 Grand Touring 5-door hatchback – already a demure industry darling priced well-equipped for under $28,000 – just got a refresh for 2017.
New Chrysler Pacifica Minivan Takes The Lead In Mainstreaming Electrified VehiclesThe announcement of the first Hybrid Mini-Van in the U.S. market didn't at first seem to be a game changer.
Lexus Demonstrates Its New Attitude On The RacetrackThough enormously successful as the world’s premiere challenger to the European luxury performance class cars, with impressive quality and value ratings, and stalwart customer loyalty, Lexus continues its push for performance credibility.
The New Cadillac XT5: A Fresh Take On The CrossoverThe new XT5 not only replaces the SRX but verily recreates the crossover format beyond the shrunk down Cadillac Escalade concept.
Competition Heats Up Among Luxury SUVs
Fiat Chrysler Merger With GM Still A PossibilityThough GM has rejected the idea of a merger with Fiat Chrysler, there's still the possibility of a hostile takeover.
New Nissan 370Z Flexes Serious Muscle“The Z that stands for Zorro” is going to have to step aside for the Z that stands for a legendary car that is again in the spotlight - the new Nissan 370Z.
Jeep Rides High Atop SUV ResurgenceJeep, the original active lifestyle vehicle brand, is now leading the SUV segment with global sales up 20 percent.
Mitsubishi Makes A Comeback StatesideThe automotive unit of the vast Japanese Mitsubishi conglomerate is making its US comeback on a thin line-up.
Nissan Bumps Honda From Number Two SpotNissan recently overtook Honda to become the 2nd largest foreign carmaker in the United States.