Coronavirus Latest: Gas Prices Down Again But Analysts Say Stabilizing LikelyAnalysts say prices are likely to stabilize as the country begins to “slowly reopen."
Coronavirus Latest: Gas Prices In New Jersey, Nation Still Falling With Decreased DemandAnalysts say that after weeks of decreasing demand, crude and gasoline storage capacities are reaching their limits.
Coronavirus New Jersey: Gas Prices Still Plunging Amid Low Demand, Record InventoryAnalysts say crude prices hit a low not seen since 2002 this week as demand has dropped to levels not seen in over half a century.
Coronavirus Latest: Gas Prices In New Jersey, Across Nation Still Falling Amid COVID-19 OutbreakGas prices in New Jersey and across the nation continue to fall amid the coronavirus epidemic as many people adhere to shelter-in-place orders.
Coronavirus Impacts: Gas Prices Keep Falling Amid Lower Demand During EpidemicAnalysts say that as the price of crude oil drops to levels not seen since the early 2000s, gasoline prices are following suit.
Coronavirus In New Jersey: Drivers In NJ, Nation See Gas Prices Plunge Amid Coronavirus OutbreakAAA Mid-Atlantic says the average price of a gallon of regular gas in New Jersey on Friday was $2.39, down six cents from a week ago.
Gas Prices Keep Dropping Amid More Supply, Low Crude PricesAnalysts say gas prices tend to drop in January as demand decreases with fewer people driving in colder weather.
Drivers In NJ, Around Nation See Gas Prices FallThe national average gas price Friday was $2.56, down three cents from last week.
'Watching The Situation Closely': AAA Says Escalation Of Iran Tensions Could Affect Drivers At Gas PumpAAA officials say an escalation of Middle East tensions could affect drivers at the pumps eventually, both nationally and internationally.
Gas Prices Decline In New Jersey, ElsewhereAnalysts expect the decline to continue in the coming weeks.
Gas Prices In New Jersey Easing Back After Recent SpikeThe national average fell one cent to $2.65 last week.