First Snowflakes Of The Season Accumulate Across The Delaware ValleySeems like winter began in the Delaware Valley before Winter officially arrived. The first flakes of the season accumulated on grassy surfaces tonight from the Poconos to the city and beyond.
Weather: Time Ticking On Nice TemperaturesThe 60s will be sticking around for the next few days. Enjoy them while they last.
Snow In The Forecast?!Temperatures will drop into the 30s by Thursday morning, and then you won’t see them get above 40 for the rest of the week.
Major Temperature Swings In The Forecast This WeekThe new month will come in with a howling wind and daytime highs nearly fifteen degrees below normal.
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Weather: Staying Warm, Rain Moving InOff to the west sits a slow-moving cold front, with a large swath of rain. As this front meanders our way, it will spell rain and even some thunderstorms for much of the region. A breeze will also pick up this afternoon.
Weather: A Sunny Break, More Rain AheadRain has moved away, and sunny skies are here to stay, for the next few days that is.
Weather: Another Cool, Gray Day for the Delaware ValleyLow pressure continues to track along the eastern seaboard. It will be moving further north throughout the day. It will be cloudy and quite cool, with a brisk wind out of the east. If you live in the southeastern most locations, you could even see some rain.
Weather: Steamy Start to SeptemberA large dome of high pressure offshore is sending a very warm, moisture-rich air mass our way, allowing not just a spike in temperatures (low 90's and upper 80's Labor Day afternoon), but also soaring humidity levels. By Tuesday, a cold front will cross late in the day to at least help wipe out the humidity.
Great Weather Payback ComingAfter a string of beautiful Friday forecasts, this one isn't quite as ideal.
Showers And Storms Then Cooler TemperaturesA slow moving frontal boundary will move through the region keeping rain chances in the forecast through the first half of the weekend.
Weather: Fall-Like FridayThis morning, it was chilly in Philly! The low this morning fell all the way to 60 degrees, the lowest temperature of the month.
Weather: Summer SoakerIncredibly heavy rains brought extensive flooding to the region Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.
Weather: Soggy MidweekAfter a beautiful weekend and dry start to the week, payback comes today.
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