Little Chance For Anti-Gay-Bashing Law This Year in PennsylvaniaSeveral years ago, citing a procedural error, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned a law that made assault due to sexual orientation a hate crime.
PA Senate Mulls Lawsuit Over Corbett VetoesWhile the US House has voted to sue President Obama for allegedly overstepping is authority, Governor Corbett could find himself in the same situation - as the target of a lawsuit brought by a state Senate controlled by his own Republican party.
PA Lawmakers’ Agenda Is Long As Days Become FewPennsylvania lawmakers are scheduled to recess for the summer at the end of the month.
Pa. Lawmakers Move To Shield Outdoorsmen From Drone SurveillanceThe sponsor of the bills says the legislation is prompted by sportsmen in Massachusetts who expressed concerns about drones being used to videotape legal hunting and fishing.
Tough Budget Decisions Ahead For PA LawmakersWith a deficit well north of a billion dollars, even some Republican lawmakers are eyeing a natural gas extraction tax.
PA Senate To Discuss Reforming Alcohol SalesThe issue of reforming alcohol sales has run hot and cold in the legislature since the House passed a privatization bill more than a year ago.
Bill Banning Cash Gifts To State Lawmakers Advances In Pa. SenateThe bill approved by the Senate State Government Committee would make it a felony to accept cash gifts over $250. Under $250, it would be a misdemeanor.
Corbett Opens Door To Small Games Of Chance In BarsGovernor Corbett has signed into law legislation that will expand gambling in Pennsylvania by allowing small games of chance in bars and taverns.
Corbett Signs Bills To Help Philadelphia's Property Tax OverhaulGovernor Corbett has signed into law two bills intended to ease the transition resulting from Mayor Nutter’s overhaul of city property taxes.
State Senate To Vote On More Money For Philadelphia SchoolsIt appears another $30 million piece of the Philadelphia schools’ budget puzzle may soon happen.
Pa. Senate OK's Bill To Reathorize CHIP Health Insurance Program For ChildrenThe Pennsylvania Senate has passed and sent to the House a bill that would re-authorize the state’s health insurance program for children of low-income families.