New Emojis Coming Soon: Breastfeeding, Beard, Woman Wearing Headscarf And MoreThe new emojis include a woman breastfeeding, a woman wearing a head scarf, a bearded man, a zombie, broccoli, pretzel and two dinosaurs, just to name a few.
Apple Users Can Use Emojis To Search For Favorite ActivitiesApple users can use emojis to search for their favorite things to do.
Facebook Unveils Halloween-Themed EmojisThere is a witch, a ghost, Frankenstein and a pumpkin.
Social Media Celebrates #WorldEmojiDayTime to celebrate with the red balloon, confetti, excited face emoji... and a song.
Twitter Launching New Way For Advertisers To Target Emoji UsersBrands advertising on Twitter can use emojis to bolster their campaigns.
Google Proposes 'Professional Women' EmojisGoogle has designed a new set of emojis depicting professional women to highlight "the diversity of women's careers" and combat sexism.
News, Politics and Entertainment with The Chris Stigall Show | April 14Chris discussed Donald Trump's awkward reference to Joe Paterno at a rally in Pittsburgh, his meeting in New York with Megyn Kelly from Fox News and Bernie Sanders addressing striking Verizon workers on the picket line. He talked with nationally syndicated radio host, and the latest edition to Talk Radio 1210's line, Dave Ramsey at 7:20 and Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey about Russian planes buzzing a Navy destroyer in the Baltic Sea at 8:20.
Are Female Emojis Sexist And Harmful To Girls?Fitfy-four percent of girls 16 to 24 years old believe that female emojis are stereotypical, and half said they represent a limited range of female interests, according to a national survey of more than 1,000 females.
Twitter Unveils Custom Pope EmojisIn anticipation of the Pope’s arrival, Twitter has unveiled special emojis for users tweeting about the Pontiff's first visit to the United States.
Can't Find The Words? Use A Popemoji To Show Your Excitement For Papal VisitPope Francis arrives in Philadelphia next weekend, but Popemojis are available for your smartphone today.
Apple To Release New Emojis Including Taco, Squirrel And UnicornThe new batch will also include a "nerd" face with glasses, a robot face, a turkey and a squirrel.