Legal Complexities Of Drunk Driving Accident That Is Not Your FaultIf you’re drunk when your car is hit by another car, are you automatically liable for an accident that wouldn’t otherwise be your fault?
Valet's Responsibility To A Would-Be Drunk DriverThere are laws that make bars and bartenders legally responsible if they let an intoxicated customer drive away. Does the same hold true for valets?
Bars Must Know Patrons' LimitsIf there were no penalties, monetary concern on the part of the establishment that makes money off the alcohol would almost certainly override all other concerns.
A Timely Talk With Your TeensThis time of year sees the combination of prom season and the return home of college students to their families. It's a good time to remind them about the dangers of drinking and driving.
'Buzzed' Driving May Pose Serious RiskThere is a recent trend to warn people about 'buzzed driving' because it may pose a serious danger to the driver and others.
Allowing Someone Drunk To Drive May Result In Your ArrestTwo Connecticut teenagers were arrested last month and charged with reckless endangerment after allowing a highly-intoxicated friend to drive. She died.
Old Dangers On New Year's EveNew Year's celebrations mean that drunk drivers will be on the road. Wear seat belts and do what you can to avoid becoming a statistic.
BAC Alcohol CalculatorThe BAC Alcohol Calculator will let you input the drinks you've had and estimate your blood alcohol content - as well as when that will reach zero.
No Breathalyzer Needed For DUI ConvictionMany people who are pulled over for suspicion of driving while intoxicated mistakenly believe that if they don’t take a breathalyzer test they can’t be convicted.
Safe Travels Over ThanksgivingThanksgiving is a great holiday for the family and there is no doubt that the roads are packed but with all of the travel comes risk.
Drunk Driving ParametersWhat do the police need to prove to arrest you for drunk driving? You’d be surprised.