Vemory AppVemory automatically scans your digital photos, putting together the best ones.
Photo Sphere Camera AppThe Photo Sphere Camera app lets you create 360 degree images and publish them on Google Maps.
Night Cap AppThe cameras in mobile phones have gotten a bit better about taking nighttime shots, but they've still got a ways to go. The NightCap app tries to bridge that gap.
Overgram AppInstagram can put just about any filter you want on a picture you take with your cell phone - and now Overgram can add a caption.
Picto Slots AppPicto Slots lets you set up a slot machine on your phone, using photos of your friends, your family or your pets in the character slots.
Halftone 2Halftone 2 lets you turn your photo album into a comic book.
Color Splash AppSome of the most dramatic pictures are the ones that blend color and black and white. Color Splash lets you easily achieve this effect on your phone's camera.
Carousel By DropboxCarousel by Dropbox (the cloud storage company) lets you keep all of your digital photos in a single location, accessing them from any device.
Scrap Pad AppScrapPad lets you create a virtual scrapbook, letting you import photos from your camera roll and create a personalized scrapbook.
Tidy AppOrganizing your digital photos can be a nightmare. Tidy makes the job easier.
23 Snaps App
When Snapchat Photos Don't DisappearThanks to apps like snapchat or poke, people are able to send what they believe to be self-deleting photos of themselves that disappear in 5 seconds. But sometimes the photo lives on.
F L T R AppFLTR is a smartphone photography magazine that not only keeps you up to speed on the latest advances, but highlights the best pictures from subscribers.
The Risk Of Sharing 'Selfies'Want to keep that memory private? Post the photo on an actual wall, not a virtual one.
Waterlogue AppYou've seen plenty of filters for your photos - but how about one that turns your shots into watercolors? Waterlogue pulls it off.