Franklin Institute Astronomer: Animals Could Get 'Confused' During Solar EclipseThe total solar eclipse will happen Monday, Aug. 21.
Local Astronomer Helps Understand The Star Of BethlehemThe star of Bethlehem remains a mystery to many, but astronomers have built a theory.
'Blood Moon' Lunar Eclipse Can Be Seen Wednesday MorningIf you look up this morning and the clouds are cooperating, you just might see a total lunar eclipse.
45th Anniversary of Moon Flight That Culminated In 'One Small Step...'Exactly forty-five years ago, the attention of the entire world was on three brave men going, as the saying goes, where no man had gone before.
Little Earthbound Disruption Expected From Massive Solar StormsOn a scale of one to ten, these flares shooting off a group of sunspots are around a two. Nothing to panic about.
Local Astronomer Explains The “Blood Moon”Much is being made of what's being called "the Blood Moon," tonight's total lunar eclipse. A local astronomer explains what the fuss is all about.
You Might Need A Telescope To See Comet ISONSkywatchers are waking up early to try to catch a glimpse of a recently discovered comet as it passes through this part of the solar system.
Sun Getting Ready To Flip Its Magnetic Field; Earthlings Affected?Derrick Pitts, chief astronomer at the Franklin Institute, says this a regular, recurring event.
Flash In East Coast Sky Has Social Media BuzzingOne person just leaving the Philadelphia Museum of Art reported seeing a streaking light in the sky caught.
Local Astronomer Says Asteroid That Hit Russia Nearly Impossible To PredictMore than 1,000 people were injured, mostly from broken glass, when a space rock exploded in the Earth's atmosphere about 30-40 miles above Russia on Friday.
Franklin Institute Astronomers Say Asteroid Poses No Threat To EarthScientists say an asteroid will pass closer to Earth today than any other they've ever tracked. Though "close" is in cosmic terms, and they say it's not related to the meteorites in Russia.