Lawmakers Scramble For A Deal Amid Shutdown-DACA 'Chaos'Just a day into a government shutdown, neither side is prepared to blink.
Detroit Father Deported To Mexico After 30 Years Living In The USA family is torn apart after a man is deported, after living in Michigan for the past 30 years.
Trump Defends Border Demands Amid Shutdown DeadlinePresident Donald Trump defends his border security demands amid tension in Washington over immigration policy disagreements that could lead to a government shutdown.
Zeoli Show Log 01.11.18On today's show, Rich discussed the House of Representatives voting to renew FICA, a new video from Project Veritas documenting Twitter's bias against Trump supporters, and whether or not Sen. Elizabeth Warren would support a DACA bill that included money for increased border security. At 4pm, Dr. Anthony Mazzarelli. At 5pm, Joshua Prince, attorney at prince Law Offices.
Zeoli Show Log 01.10.18On today's show, Rich discussed Ronald Reagan biographer Craig Shirley stating that rumors Reagan suffered from Alzheimer's during the final years of his presidency are false, a U.S. district judge barring the Trump administration from repealing DACA, and Sen. Dianne Feinstein releasing a classified transcript. At 5:20pm, Josh Blackman, author of "Unraveled: Obamacare, Religious Liberty, and Executive Power."
Philly Immigration Advocates React To Federal Court Ruling Blocking End OF DACALocal immigration advocates are breathing a sigh of relief a day after a federal court judge blocked the Trump administration's phase out of the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. 
Zeoli Show Log 01.09.18On today's show, Rich discussed Donald Trump's bipartisan DACA meeting, author Michael Wolff's claim that Trump is not mentally fit to hold office, and whether or not Oprah Winfrey will run for president in 2020.
Trump Suggests 2-Phase Immigration Deal For 'Dreamers' Trump said he was willing to be flexible in finding an agreement as Democrats warned that the lives of hundreds of thousands of immigrants hung in the balance.
'We're Walking Around With A Scarlet Letter': Dreamers At Rutgers Urge Reform During Meeting With NJ CongressmanA group of Dreamers who attend Rutgers University got to meet with New Jersey Congressman Donald Norcross Wednesday, urging him to push for reform.
Apple CEO: DACA Is 'Biggest Issue Of Our Time'Sounding more like a country's chief executive, Tim Cook says he feels he -- and Apple -- have a responsibility to speak up.
Zeoli Show Log 09.14.17On today's show, Rich discussed Donald Trump and Democrat leaders moving closer to a bipartisan agreement on DACA, Ted Cruz' twitter mishap, and whether or not DREAMers should be granted citizenship. At 4:50pm, Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price.