Community College Of Philadelphia Introduces New Mascot To Replace Former One Some Found OffensiveRory replaces the school's former mascot, Colonial Phil, which many students didn't feel represented the diversity and inclusivity of the college.
Tentative Agreement Reached To Avoid Community College Of Philadelphia Faculty StrikeLast week, 1,200 faculty and union employees voted to go on strike in a nearly unanimous vote.
Negotiations To Continue With Community College Of Philadelphia Union Members In Last-Ditch Effort To Avoid Faculty StrikeLast week, nearly all of the 1,200 union employees voted in favor of a strike.
1,200 Community College Of Philadelphia Faculty Members Vote To Go On StrikeAt the start of April, 1,200 members of the American Federation of Teachers Local 2026 will strike.
Threat Of Teachers' Strike Worrying Students At Community College Of PhiladelphiaUnion members have until Monday at 7 p.m. to vote whether or not to have this strike. 
New Garden Hopes To Help Students In Need At Community College Of PhiladelphiaIt will grow vegetables to be distributed to students in need through the college's food pantry, known as the "Snack Rack."
Express Enrollment Gets Students Ready For New Semester At Community College Of PhiladelphiaThe Community College of Philadelphia offers more than 70 different programs for students.
CCP Pays Tribute, Bids Farewell To Longtime LeaderAfter 22 years, Lynette Brown-Sow is leaving her post as the institution's Vice President of Marketing and Government Relations and returning to her roots.
Saxbys Hosts Fundraiser To Support Community College Of PhiladelphiaCommunity College of Philadelphia's president Guy Generals says the proceeds of the event will go toward a fellowship for students.
Philadelphia March Raises Awareness Against Human Trafficking With Red SandThey marched on campus for the Red Sand Walk, spreading red-colored sand in the cracks in sidewalks to get the school community to join the fight to stop human trafficking.
Young Philly Students Learn To Build Cars At CCP Summer CampA summer camp giving city kids a crash course in automotive engineering as they learn to be the tech leaders of tomorrow.